Inanna Speaks: The Star of Hope

Blessings and love. I AM Nanaea and I am the vessel and emanation of Venus on Earth. On Venus where my higher self vibrates most powerfully, I am receiving this message for you these times from our beloved Mother and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

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I AM Misha, The Female form of Michael

“I am Misha, the female form of Michael. Yes, the same Archangel Michael that you all know and love. I come to you to speak of other worlds that exist within your own and they are other worlds because the world you live in is manufactured, illusionary and created. Yes, there are many who will not agree with me because they think that they are living a true reality but this is not the truth, dear souls; you are living the reality made for you by the ones who call themselves your gods.

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Eve & Mary

Mary is the New Eve sent to crush the head of the serpent. Mary is the Mother of all Generations given to us at the foot of the Cross. Mary is the new Ark of the Covenant more precious than the golden ark of old, carrying within herself the divine Treasure, the New Covenant Himself. In His great love and mercy, the Father extends His grace in the womb of the new Ark, to all generations from covenant to covenant. How beautiful the new Ark—more pure than any gold or silver, containing within Her an infinite treasure!

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The Crossing of the Roses: Babalon Speaks

“Hear me now. Open your ears and listen.

You have already been told that there are many different Earth cycles
So be aware that there are also many cycles of consciousness.
These two elements do not always align and are not always synchronized.
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Apollo Alexikakos: The Plague Eater

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