Apollo Speaks: Hubris

“Thousands of things are born and grow, and I watch how they return to their source.”

My love, my god, my lord; descend unto me and speak to me in my ear. Tell me. Teach me. Show me ALL of your ways! My hearing longs for your words and wise council!

I see my lord appear to me in a ray of sunlight, glowing, shining, emitting explosive solar beams all around him. He puts his arms around me and I feel safe and loved eternally, internally and externally. I feel that my tired, weary, wounded soul can rest for a while. As always, the tears involuntarily leave my eyes and quietly I cry as he soothes me with his words. He said to me,

“You once asked me,

“My Lord I wish to ask you one thing. Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?

And I answered you,

“My daughter, you were not called ‘Helen’ by coincidence. Do not allow yourself to sink and hide your light; those who leave you are those who are fleeing the light, who are afraid of your light and who are afraid of the soul which you represent. You are the living Mirror of Aphrodite and those who look at you will see their true selves in its reflection and it is for this that they go. You are also the living bow and arrows of mine. Never change who and what you are because the hands that made you and put you on Earth are the hands that hold you and will always love you and never abandon you.”

Please, my beloved Nanaea; do not forget my words.”

Lord Apollo then asks me to write what he is saying to me and I begin doing so.

“My Nanaea, I have come. I have come to give you rest so lie down within my heart while I tell you a lullaby and we will talk.

My love, who do they say I AM?”

Helen/Nanaea: “You hear their words, my lord; you know who they say you are.”

Lord Apollo: “No, my beloved; I want you to tell me who they say I AM.”

Helen/Nanaea: “Who my lord? Which people?”

Lord Apollo: “Those who claim to love me and know me. Who do they say I AM?”

Helen/Nanaea: “Most of them believe you are a Greek god.”

Lord Apollo: “So they give me an ethnicity?” He laughed.

Helen/Nanaea: “Yes. They believe that you have an ethnic identity.”

Lord Apollo: “And they do so because they are still creating gods in their own image rather than releasing themselves into the fact that they are made in the image of the gods. They make me into what they want me to be in order to soothe their psychosis and their arrogance. You know that this message is to be titled “Hubris” don’t you, my beloved?”

Helen/Nanaea: “Yes, my lord.”

Lord Apollo: “What a pity that after all this time, they have still not learned who I AM. I AM HEN TO PAN! I AM AP OL ON! I AM from EVERYWHERE yet I am from NOWHERE!!!

Who can answer how old the sun is??? Who has authority over ME to claim where I came from? Who has the courage or the power to pluck the strings of my lyre? HUBRIS!

My beloved, I tell you that man is falling into the depths of his own abyss for he is obsessed with his own image and he is a prisoner of materiality.

His focus is eternally on the male god and denies the existence of the Divine Bride, the Mother of humanity and the universe itself, that birthed all things!

And how do they speak of Eros and of ME as Eros?”

Helen/Nanaea: “Most of them do not understand the archetype of Apollo-Eros/Eros-Apollo; they do not understand these mysteries and continue to infuse the sacred teachings and your essence as being only centered on a male god. This is what hurts me so much.”

Lord Apollo: “If we speak in Hellenistic terms and titles, I am the child who becomes the groom and this child is Eros, the most ancient force in all universes bar the Divine Bride yet SHE is ALSO Eros!

I am the child, the LOVE, the EROS that she produces, who she nurtures so that I can grow within her and evolve into her groom. This is the cycle of the mysteries, the Ouroboros, the Serpent that eats its own tail. This is the ALPHA and the OMEGA; the beginning and the end, the no beginning and the no ending. The dance of the Hieros Gamos that has always been and shall never cease to be. Without her, I do not exist!!!

I have tried to explain this fundamental truth to many, that no male god can exist without the Mother who is the Divine Bride; I have tried to explain in so many ways that there is NO THING without Her.

As I taught:

Have you heard the story of when Aphrodite and Eros were rescued by fish when they were fleeing from Typhon? This is the same story as in the Book of Revelation when the dragon is chasing the Virgin and her child, wanting to devour her and her divine egg. There is such a deep, deep meaning to this story.

The fish were the sperm wanting to impregnate the Divine Womb, Η Θεία Μήτρα, and this is what Aphrodite is. The fish are not only the sperm; they also represent the seeds of the Divine Liturgy, H Θεία Λειτουργία, that plant themselves inside Aphrodite who is Η Θεία Μήτρα. It is this divine womb, that is she, that holds the entire cosmos that is the DIVINE MATRIX = 888 and which produces the Christic Frequency Keys which represents the divine liturgy which was known to the Sumerians as the Holy Me’s and they are the guidelines for divine worship, ritual and living. Within the divine liturgy that is expressed by the Christic Frequency Keys that are grown from the impregnated sperm that carry the essence of the LOGOS is the Mirror of Aphrodite who handed it down to her son, Eros. This mirror reflects not only the consciousness of each soul but the consciousness of the universe itself, manifesting whatever is reflected back from this mirror.

-Christic Frequency Keys: Apollo-Eros Speaks

Those who try to create me in their own image will never find me and those who do not speak of my Bride as they speak of me shall not know me. I am hidden within the ON and the AL of my Bride and those who insult my bride and promote the lustful ways of men, who call her a whore, shall know the fire of the sun.”





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