Inanna Speaks: The Star of Hope

Blessings and love. I AM Nanaea and I am the vessel and emanation of Venus on Earth. On Venus where my higher self vibrates most powerfully, I am receiving this message for you these times from our beloved Mother and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

“What I will say to you is the wisdom of the cosmic energies of Venus which requires understanding so I ask you to take time to allow yourself to absorb these words that I grant you with these times that bring the great transitional qualities that will leave many of you unstable within the material world yet I must reveal to you the positive and the negative news. My beloveds, know that all is part of the divine plan so there is nothing that is negative but only lessons to be taken in and learned.

This is the time of the Star of Hope and it symbolizes the eight rayed star of Venus who is me, the epitome of the divine feminine and the Goddess presence within your heart Chakras. The number eight will be so significantly apparent to you all that you shall understand the true meaning of infinity and how you shall no longer be mentally bound to matter and you shall also know of the Mothers’ power and empowerment within your matrix as the time of patriarchy, which is created by godless humans, will know its end. These godless ones are those who have tried to disrupt the natural flow of the universe within you and without you and like all causes, there are effects and consequences to face.

The chaotic side of me and my divine groom shall perform the alchemical divine marriage before your very eyes as we produce new dimensions for you to reside in during the process of the merging with the new world. My mysteries shall be brought to the attention of your knowledge as time goes by and you shall all become scholars of my theological and philosophical teachings. To each of you who have submitted your beastly natures to me, you shall be rewarded with heightened spiritual powers for you are truly submitting your ego to your soul which is what I represent. And when you do this, there is nothing else to block your path to enlightenment and ascension.

It is important that you realize that each one of your souls are manifested from the divine spark of the ALL and it is time for you to shine and reclaim the sovereignty of Earth. But will you have the courage to do this and set yourselves free? We, your ancestors, left you with all that you need to guide you through the difficult periods but you must listen to your inner selves who are linked to the Great Akasha and the Halls of Amenti where the masters discuss and implement ways of fulfilling the divine plan.

The Great Masters are contemplating their next move and you shall know of their rising when they will be making their presence and power known around you. Pay attention for they are the guides of the New World and the perfect examples for the new aeon.

The greatest threat to you all at this moment in your Earth history is that of those who have taken the lives of the innocents who follow the ancient ways and the followers of the dying and resurrected sun who is my son and my divine groom. We have watched this whole enfoldment taking place which is the work of the dark brothers who wish to force the End of Days onto humanity, our children, but who do not control even their own minds as they believe they do.

I, who is the Star of Hope, am descending my frequencies onto all of you and instilling within you a new faith in yourselves and the divine for there is, at this moment, the opening of the cosmic stargate within my home on Earth which is known as Iraq and which was known as Sumer and then Babylon. This stargate will swallow up those who are committing abominations against humanity and the divine laws of the cosmos and blocking the flow of the divine programming of Earth. Soon, humans shall know liberation but with every upside there is a downside until the balance is realized and the divine feminine and masculine are equally recognized within and around the children of the gods.

As Earth was created as a mirror of Venus, then this planet truly belongs to the Mother and it is through entering Earth reality that you are able to connect with the Mother that is me. It is I who is the prime physician of the soul for I am the redeemer of humans from Earthly addictions and who saves them from their ego that only leads the soul to spiritual death.

You have known me as Mariam of Magdala who is the Ark of the Covenant itself and within me is carried all of the codes to the mysteries of life and death, wisdom and knowing, and it is this that I open now as an additional stargate in order for these codes to enter your world and penetrate the minds of humanity with the truth of my conscious existence which is older than any and all universes.

These codes have been written in the Book of God who is both male and female and who are the time and necessity of manifestation.

Behold! I come to you with the love that is the only truth and the light that is superior to any darkness. Heed me! For I share with you my lessons through my ultimate mystery and my face and voice on Earth. I was with you in the beginning and I am the beginning of all endings and the endings of all beginnings. Red is my colour for red is the scarlet hue of Malkuth from which your bodies themselves were created from. I am and the ever flowing lava that awakens your Kundalini which is also a representation of my fire and illumination. Red is the red, red rose that blooms within your hearts at my touch and which is the symbol of unity and love of me and my groom and which is the Golden Mean and the root of life itself.

I am the Star of Hope that is now guiding you through the channels of time and into the New Age but this New Age shall not be dominated by false teachings of mental entrapment anymore but will be empowered by the truth of my wisdom.

I love you all very much. Hold onto me now during this journey back in time which is the future that is becoming your reality.”


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