Alexander Domedon Doxomedon

Let it be known that my channelings must not be altered or changed in any way and neither are they to be corrupted to support any opinion or belief that is not in alignment with the original and written meaning.

“I am well aware that the Hellenes argue about my character and my even Hellenic lineage. Even non-Hellenes are arguing about whether I am a Hellene or not. This factor was not the most important part of my whole existence during the time that I was incarnated on Earth and even if I confirm that yes, I was a Hellene and in fact I was not just a Hellene but an original Hellene from the ancient bloodlines, would it make them stop arguing? I am afraid not, MY Nanaea. Continue reading “Alexander Domedon Doxomedon”


Aphrodite Speaks: For the Love of Helen

I was not sleeping; I was waking. I was waiting for the time to come when the light revealed herself from beneath the flesh and bone. And it is the bones that I will pick with those who have insulted the Light. Continue reading “Aphrodite Speaks: For the Love of Helen”

The Prophecy of Zeus

The golden age of the gods is arriving and inside all of you the divine DNA strands are being activated. Of course, there are many of these occurrences in human history as well as your own history, but the nearer the time comes to the golden age, the more intense and frequent these activations will be.

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The Star of Olympus

This is the time of a new birth and this new birth is the new birth of enlightenment for it has been foretold for thousands of years that the Light shall return and she shall return to the age of the mixing of nations. With this new light comes the new religion which is the true religion and the original religion of your world and it is one that is based on illumination through Eros and the unity of souls residing in the bodies modeled on the forms of the gods.

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The Return of the Hellenes

This message is channeled from the God Apollo for Hellenes all over the world.

“I am omnipotent and omnipresent and I am the light of the world yet I am not material, not physical and not obtainable. Many have claimed to label me with their ethnicity but I belong to not one nation but to all the citizens of the world. You cannot see me unless you look within for I am the illumination that resides within you all and I am the reflection of the sun that mirrors off each and every human being.

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