Enki Keys – Free Activation

During working with high energy, I managed to open communication channels with beings from planets I had not consciously communicated with before. It is important to note that I do not know which civilization will want to communicate with us when I perform my rituals; this is decided by the gods and should I wish to, I allow these channels to be opened. Continue reading “Enki Keys – Free Activation”


Lemurian Channeling & Free Activation

Father Enki: The dark brotherhood has been planning to create mass destruction on the 21st December and take many lives. They began the ‘end of the world’ propaganda scenario so that they could use it as a means to have the blame of their actions directed towards the so called ‘end of days’ lie and not on themselves. They have done this many times with other doomsday stories.

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FREE Shekinah Fire Activation

Celestial Blessings. My dearest loves; I AM Nanaea. I am representation of Venus on Earth and I have been told by my Mother and Father that humanity is going through very difficult times right now regarding the ability to transmute negative energy such as negative thought forms and emotions back into light. The new energies that have entered Earth consciousness from Venus that brings enlightenment, spiritual growth and healing, are being opposed by the forces at work on Earth and within humans that are acting as blocks between these energies being fully absorbed into the Earthly and human conscious system.

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