Dragon Wisdom: The Arrival of Atlantis

“I am Nia of the water dragon clan, primordial essence of the divine feminine and close companion to Goddess Inanna. I come to you now to speak to you of the coming world as my brother Ferren has done before. The time is now closer for the old aeon to close and more and more of you are experiencing the shift of the spheres. We are helping with this shift and raising the Earth’s vibrations to make this a more comfortable transition.

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Arcturian Message: Re-Coding of Human DNA

Maron: “Salutations my beloved Nanaea. It has been some time since we have approached you to share our message for humanity for we know that you have your Earth protectors and main guides from your ancestors who are also our ancestors but again humanity is needing additional guidance to help them through these transitions they are now facing and the profound upheavals that humanity is now in the midst of.”

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Your DNA, Your Barcode

I recalled Enki telling me something about human DNA being used by the government to learn more about us but at the time I didn’t think that it was something I needed to write down or even think about. After reading and posting the article I heard Enki calling me and I knew that he had something to tell me about our DNA being collected by the government. You can find the article here:

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