Dragon Houses: The Ancient Riddle of Greece

Scientists Investigate the Ancient Riddle of Evia’s “Dragon Houses”

Were they places of ancient worship, animal enclosures, or simply residences for local quarrymen? According to myth, they were built by dragons…

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Dragon Wisdom: The Arrival of Atlantis

“I am Nia of the water dragon clan, primordial essence of the divine feminine and close companion to Goddess Inanna. I come to you now to speak to you of the coming world as my brother Ferren has done before. The time is now closer for the old aeon to close and more and more of you are experiencing the shift of the spheres. We are helping with this shift and raising the Earth’s vibrations to make this a more comfortable transition.

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Tree of Life Migration channeled from Dragon Ferren

“I breathe into your heart so that your vision won’t be clouded by ego thoughts with what I am going to share with you now. It is time you shall walk alone though we are always beside you showing you the way, as we are beside all humans who look to us for council. In the essence of the garden of your soul lives Eden itself and it is there where all life is held in truth and everlasting existence.

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