Twin Flames: Addressing the Misconceptions

A lot of people ponder as to why the Twin Flame union is important or why it even exists at all. Though there are deep, esoteric theories which I have also written about and made videos on, there is a simple answer to this question and this is ‘for balance’. Balance within, balance outside of ourselves within our own lives and balance in our world. Yes; this union is that important because it makes a huge effect on our world and human consciousness. Continue reading “Twin Flames: Addressing the Misconceptions”


♥ Twin Flame Synthesis ♥

“Recognizing that everything in our world is dual does not mean believing in separateness; recognizing duality means understanding the divine union of the whole. In order to cherish union you must first experience separation ”
-Helen Demetriou

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The Secret Fire

“My daughter, I will give you the revelations of the Sumerian Key which unlocks the doorway to The Secret Fire. Many men have sought for these revelations and indeed they have sought for this key but only those chosen to hold it is permitted to know it.

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Return of the PLEROMA-TWIN FLAMES-Channeling from Helena Blavatsky

The whole occurrences in these shifts create nuclear reactions within the human soul. We are here to merge with the divine to reveal the kingdom of the highest here on earth. Each time the divine manifests, they, for we shall call them they even though we are talking about the source of all things, manifests as male and female matter. In each set of soul families there is a male and female who will bring order and divinity back to consciousness. Out of these sets of soul families there is one pair who will bring the Christ consciousness back in the form of matter.

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Stargates and Twin Flame Love Signals: Channeling from Lord Marduk

“There is always a gatekeeper to every stargate and there is always a key keeper. Together they are able to open stargates on Earth. These stargates open where they are needed to be opened for all gatekeepers and keykeepers meet for a divine reason, a reason that has been predestined. These stargates have already been mapped out, long before the gatekeeper and key keeper incarnate and become of age.

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