2023: The Exposure

I see a huge statue of the Goddess Aphrodite rise from the mediterranean sea as I travel above in a balloon marked with the number 1410 which I mentally note to look for in the Gematria calculator after.

I fly over the Birthplace of Aphrodite on my island of Cyprus and my balloon lands. The Goddess Aphrodite is waiting for me and her image is changing rapidly, transforming into all of the Venus manifestations throughout all cultures like a picture flip book.

She holds my hand and we walk along the beach until we find an area that has a large pentagram made of lapis lazuli crystals on the ground and we sit in the middle of this symbol of the Five Alphas.

She is naked and facing me. She is naked because she is the soul which is nude and beautiful. I see milk pouring out of her nipples like two rivers of life and I cry because she is my Mother and Mother to all and this divine sign touches my soul.

She holds my hands in hers and looks into my eyes and begins to speak:

“My Nanaea, my daughter. Listen to me carefully. Close your eyes and hear with your heart.

This is part of The Aphrodite Prophecy. This is when Ma’at speaks through the tongue of the Star Child. Do you remember the egg? It has hatched.

I have called you to tell you something that I would like you to share with the rest of my children for they are my children and my loves.

As you shared with the world before about the arrival of The Sorrow in 2020, now I will speak to you about the joy of the soul that is coming in 2023. The Exposure is on its way though it will take some time for the seal to be broken completely and for the ouroboros to completely devour its own tail.

The Sons and Daughters of Light, my own chosen ones, are winning the battle against the darkness and the darkness I speak of is an ignorance and mind programming that has waged war against my children for too long. They are winning the divine war against the sons and daughters of darkness.

Do you remember the channels that I told you to travel through that are the same channels that the fallen ones are using to bring light? They have been totally infiltrated and are now possessed by the sons and daughters of light.

I do have anger. I have anger that there is an agenda being pushed to create false images of my body by the hands of man. Those who are wise will understand my meaning but this is another story though still connected to the events being forced in your world.

They project their corrupt idea of my rising but I am a fierce foe to those who try to create a false matrix and one that is not fair nor just. And this is why I am answering them back with The Exposure.

My children, please do not think that EVERYTHING is in plain sight. They show you what they want you to see while beneath the layers of deception, the truth is something entirely different and malevolent in nature. Do not walk through their false ideologies because it is a stain on your soul.

Please know that whatever you are shown is as fake as their ideas about their importance.

And so the Labyrinth has opened once again as the calling to Neo continues. I call to this Neo as the heart calls to the arrow to shoot and pierce it. What I have said may not be understood by many but there is a meaning to an end.

The sun is speaking to the Earth and the Earth is replying to the sun. The sun is sending its messages to the Earth through magnetism and the Earth is replying with magnetism. Be ready for the geomagnetic storm that is taking place but not yet consciously felt. The sun is touching the Earth and they are making love.

The magnetism of the Earth is shifting and this is changing the world. It is changing the consciousness of humanity and leading them to the light of their awakening. It is ‘shaking things up’ and moving to another polarity as those who are creating and sustaining the false matrix have gone to the limits and extremes of the left polarity and the universe has instructed that balance must happen right now.

And now that the sun is speaking it is shouting. The sun is shouting and the Earth is shaking. The judge of the universe is riding his chariot across the sky and shooting arrows.

Let us talk about the left polarity. Yes, it is the direction of the sacred feminine and the Goddess who is me but this is not what the sacred feminine is and neither is it what I AM. It is forced, unnatural, unholy and not by the hand of the divine. As I have said before, they have created a false image of me and this will come to an end by my own hand.

There is a hole also being created in the Mediterranean by Turkey. They are drilling a hole into the abyss. They are calling on the Djinn to help them in their work. They have created an opening to the underworld and things are being sucked into this hole and darkness is being bought out. They will also continue to play their stance as peacekeepers through this war between Russia and the Ukraine as you were told before. Beware. There is more coming from this side of the world.

America, the United Kingdom and most of the major European countries are creating another assault on humanity. Be ready for a refreshed and renewed war on your minds.

But like I have said: all is being exposed in The Exposure and with newfound knowledge of humanity so comes the power of the people which will be returned to them who are its rightful owners.

The light of Venus is being projected onto the lies and deceit and soon they will not be able to hide from their revealing, not even in the shadows and not even behind their false power.

Lift the harnesses off your dreams. For so long you have been feared into limiting yourselves and this has created a matrix of fear and strain on the mind, body, soul and heart. It has forced you into material thinking and naivety and once again believing whatever you are told by the control media who is owned and controlled by the extremists.

So many parts of you are awakening and your light body is speaking directly into your consciousness so use your eye to hear.

Yes, The Exposure will create more trying times but you are strong because you come from me. I love you and I have never left you.”




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