How I Came To Channel Light Beings by Helen Demetriou

Many people have asked me why I channel beings from other planets and how it happened that I connected with them in the first place. I have to admit that I was initially a reluctant channel; my interest lay more in communicating with the gods and the Angels and delving deeper into the mysteries of the esoteric and the occult. As a student of the Craft of the Wise, I was not attracted to forming bonds with light beings even though I knew they exist. I confess that I did not read about them and basically had no prior knowledge of the different types of species there are in our universe, neither did I know that they had any hand in helping humanity and human ascension. I chose not to ‘go there’ because as I said, I just did not find it interesting.

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Tralian: A Request from Arcturus

“For the past two years humanity has been going through tremendous changes which the majority has not been aware of because it has been happening on a very deep subconscious level. Now, these changes are becoming more apparent and they are ascending from the subconscious to the conscious. Some of the changes that people are experiencing are more painful than others but it is surely recognizable that these transitions are taking place.

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Dark Skinned Light Beings

Greetings, Helen. We want to answer your call. We know you have been asking why have you only met Aryans up until now and why do most people only channel Aryan races. We want to tell you that this is an honour to speak with you as not many ask your question and not many feel an interest in meeting with non Aryans. We are also very excited to have this chance to spread in your world our message to humanity which we know you will find to be very important. Mainly we want to talk about ourselves.

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Anunnaki Council Message: Watch Your Thoughts

Nanaea, right now we want you to know that there is a disruption in the frequencies being sent to Earth by many of the light beings. Luckily, we have other means of getting our messages to you through frequencies that cannot be detected by them. Yet.

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Menerians Remove Etheric Implants

“We are called Menerians or the Mene for we come from the Titan moon of Saturn. We are with you now in this age of your consciousness to record activity on Earth and report it back to the Universal Council and also the Saturnal Brotherhood. The Saturnal Brotherhood is not an organization on Earth but a branch of the Universal Council of Light and we record activity on Earth in order to monitor the workings of the dark brotherhood.

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