Babalon Speaks: Matrix of Ophion

The golden chalice is waiting to be filled by the sons of Venus.
It is waiting for the one who wears the symbol of Alexander,
The serpent sign that expresses the beginning of the new aeon
For I am the Mother of the Aeon and the Bride
And I wait for the rightful son to return
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2019: The Final Countdown

Over the past 8 years I have been channeling and writing articles which all speak of the divine plan being put into place for the coming of the new Age of Aquarius. I have spoken about the collapse of the European Union and the propagated war between the polarities. I have spoken about how materialism has become the idol to adore and worship and I have explained the messages regarding the return of the gods. Continue reading “2019: The Final Countdown”

Dragon Wisdom: The Arrival of Atlantis

“I am Nia of the water dragon clan, primordial essence of the divine feminine and close companion to Goddess Inanna. I come to you now to speak to you of the coming world as my brother Ferren has done before. The time is now closer for the old aeon to close and more and more of you are experiencing the shift of the spheres. We are helping with this shift and raising the Earth’s vibrations to make this a more comfortable transition.

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Do People Need Religion? From Zeniel Melchizedek

I feel the words of Lord Zeniel Melchizedek tumbling into my thoughts and I feel the essence of the subject which he wishes to speak about and this is religion and if humanity needs religion or not. For reference and understanding, you can read more about Zeniel Melchizedek by clicking on the following links:

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The High Priest of Lemuria – Lord Zeniel Melchizedek

The land of Lemuria is right here on Earth and I have felt it’s vibrations and that of its High Priests and Priestesses for a very long time if not all of my life. There are many humans throughout history who have been drawn to the enigma of this ancient place and people and who have tried and succeeded in connecting with the frequencies of Mu. I am also one of those people yet what I have learned during my meetings with the Lemurians does not come from any book or what someone has told be but what they have taught me themselves.

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The Return of the Masters

The following is a channeling from the Ascended Master Saint Germain by Helen Demetriou:

“From the past years and in the coming years the Masters will be reincarnated on Earth and reanimated in time into their roles of protectors and teachers of humanity and Earth. Now, in your time, there is a reverse polarization of the Atlantean age; time is moving backwards.

The Masters, some who exited Earth and some who went underground, lost their authority within the consciousness of humanity during the time of Babylon, for the dark brotherhood of Atlantis rose and gained control. After the gods had physically left Earth they left the Masters of Enlightenment in their stead who stayed behind to preserve and teach the mysteries taught to them by the gods. These Masters reincarnated over and over again throughout the ages, never giving up the battle to regain the protection of humanity regarding spiritual expansion and human traditions and living conditions.

The dark brotherhood, after manipulating the support of human, beings became the favoured choice of rulers for their empty promises and their creation of a rebellion against the true Masters who are also known as the Ascended Masters.

The gods cannot and would not interfere with free will and were not permitted to manipulate outcomes, they were only enabled to project their consciousness in the hope that humanity would awaken for the plan of the Earth that with the aid of the Masters and the gods and other alien teachers, the human consciousness would ascend to the level to that of higher vibrations and frequencies so that the gods and other light beings could return to Earth and dwell among them. As they are, after having descended in their consciousness due to religious oppression, humans cannot live next to these higher vibrational beings. An interaction of this kind in full physical form could shatter the whole human molecular structure within a person. And so, the gods incarnate as human avatars for now.

Religion is not only used as a tool to oppress, but it is and was used as an instrument to keep the soul vibrations to a level that cannot come into contact with the divine beings physically. In this way, man was separated from the gods, their teachers, and their creators.

You are shown in art the image of ‘Jacobs Ladder’, and you can understand that this is an explanation of the ascension process. This ladder can be used to ascend and descend. Humanity were once ascended beings on Earth but in their descension, they have forgotten all that they were and all that they could be.

What is positive is that all is not lost, for humans hold the ability to ascend once again but to do this they must awaken to the truth of this reality and rekindle the flame of the true I AM presence within them. The I AM presence is androgynous; it is perfect, whole and complete and it is the light of the Creator, a dimension all of its own which is a merging of your energy and the energy of the ALL.

Humans continue to experience intense and profound activations and shifts by the energies which have been introduced into their consciousness. These shifts are constantly occurring and are strengthened in force with each pulsating wave of projective enlightenment and it is now, in this time, that a great shift is taking place, a shift that brings with it focused intentions of awakening the I AM memory, the I AM which is a being’s true godliness and amalgamation with the Creator.

You are immortals; do not look at your body which clothes you but feel your power beneath the veil of your flesh. The Masters who have arrived and are arriving have incarnated with intact memories and understand this about themselves and many others also shall begin to understand as your cellular memories are reanimated into life and you recognize with deep conviction your ministry on Earth.

Your planet, which is an ark that is carrying humanity, is journeying to the new age of Aquarius where the primaeval waters of chaos are the waters of life, turning within the womb of creation and opening its flower of life to deliver the new Aeon into reality.”