The Golden Apple: Babalon Speaks

The veil of the abyss is opening
And the dragon of the Earth is surging forth.
The ice that once covered the hand of Time is thawing
From the breath of Shalhevet
And again the aeon shall resound.

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The Hourglass: Babalon Speaks

I am the Queen of the material and the non-material worlds.
And because of this I can walk through dimensions or stay within both.
I am the spider who is 8 because I am a reflection of 4.
Put this together and add a whole.
I am 840 and the bearer of destinies.
For whoever wishes to win their destiny must answer to me.
I impart to you the wisdom of the Ancient of Days.
For it is through me that El Shaddai speaks.
And I am the carrier of the child god who brings the new Achana and the new aeon.
And I am the soul bringer of the celestial stars.

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Liber Celestia: Babalon Speaks

Rest assured that all you have heard about and all you have not heard shall come to pass
And the Bright Morning star shall fall for you all as a sign of sacrifice
And the Bright Morning Star that is born from the mothers womb in heaven
Shall be born from the mothers’ womb on Earth.
For this is the law of reincarnation
The mighty children of the divine enter Earth reality this way;
First as a star being born and then as a human in matter.
And the Bright Morning Star shall walk upon the cross that has been created for him
By those who have prepared his way
And those who have opened all the doors of the temple of the new aeon
And who have built the foundations of the new temple upon the words of the ancients
With the words of the gods
So that the new temple shall be resurrected
From the left and right pillars of DURANKI!

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As Above, So Below – The New Temple

I see a golden pyramid and at the top there is a cloud of gold dust within which I see the upper torso and head of Father Enki. He smiles at me with so much love and I begin to cry. The rays emanating from him touch the ground and one ray is penetrating through my heart. His face changes and morphs into St. Germaine, Thoth, Hermes, Nabu, and back to Enki again. He tells me:

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