Is Psychic Advice Written in Stone?

In this video, I discuss how messages from the Angels and/or spirit guides are guidance in helping us in the present and how choices and thoughts we make today is what creates the outcome of our future. Continue reading “Is Psychic Advice Written in Stone?”

Enki Keys – Free Activation

During working with high energy, I managed to open communication channels with beings from planets I had not consciously communicated with before. It is important to note that I do not know which civilization will want to communicate with us when I perform my rituals; this is decided by the gods and should I wish to, I allow these channels to be opened. Continue reading “Enki Keys – Free Activation”

2020: The Prophecy of Binah

My name is The Sorrow. This is the Prophecy of Binah. It is the pain of the children of Earth that moves me to move. It is the unrelenting cries and the suffering that pushes me to progress. You have called me through your tears and I am answering you. Now. Continue reading “2020: The Prophecy of Binah”

For the Beauty of Helen-Divine World Order

Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world represented all that was beautiful. Beauty represents World Order and the taking of Helen was an attack not only on World Order but Divine World Order as she was given to the world by the gods, a manifestation and avatar in the material of me, the Goddess Aphrodite. Continue reading “For the Beauty of Helen-Divine World Order”

Babalon Speaks: Matrix of Ophion

The golden chalice is waiting to be filled by the sons of Venus.
It is waiting for the one who wears the symbol of Alexander,
The serpent sign that expresses the beginning of the new aeon
For I am the Mother of the Aeon and the Bride
And I wait for the rightful son to return
And take his fill of my Morning Star. Continue reading “Babalon Speaks: Matrix of Ophion”