I AM Misha, The Female form of Michael

“I am Misha, the female form of Michael. Yes, the same Archangel Michael that you all know and love. I come to you to speak of other worlds that exist within your own and they are other worlds because the world you live in is manufactured, illusionary and created. Yes, there are many who will not agree with me because they think that they are living a true reality but this is not the truth, dear souls; you are living the reality made for you by the ones who call themselves your gods.

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How I Came To Channel Light Beings by Helen Demetriou

Many people have asked me why I channel beings from other planets and how it happened that I connected with them in the first place. I have to admit that I was initially a reluctant channel; my interest lay more in communicating with the gods and the Angels and delving deeper into the mysteries of the esoteric and the occult. As a student of the Craft of the Wise, I was not attracted to forming bonds with light beings even though I knew they exist. I confess that I did not read about them and basically had no prior knowledge of the different types of species there are in our universe, neither did I know that they had any hand in helping humanity and human ascension. I chose not to ‘go there’ because as I said, I just did not find it interesting.

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The Process of Divine Intervention

I asked Lord Anu why they allow bad things to happen to humans he responded with the following message:

“Marduk has already explained to you that we cannot just descend on earth as we did thousands of your years ago.  For one, we don’t have the permission to do this as it will cause too much imbalance among the humans and they will feel threatened by us; they will feel we are invading and they will not see us as their gods. We do not want to see our children raging against us when we ALL love you very much.  So now I will tell you how divine intervention works.

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The Call Of Inanna Channeling by Helen Demetriou

Many of you are feeling an almost unknown feeling inside of you. Many of you are feeling an imbalance. In fact my beloved ones, these feelings you are experiencing is the divine feminine consciousness entering your reality. That confusion, that anger, that rage, that sadness, that desperateness, that insecure feeling that you do not know why you are on Earth all pertains to my love becoming a truth in your lives.

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