The Elohim Blessing

“We know that you need hope; we know that many of you are feeling that there is no meaning in anything and that you feel yourselves getting lost into negative thought patterns and emotions. We hear your hearts crying out in pain and anguish, asking, “Help us!” and because there are no immediate results that satisfy you, you are beginning to lose faith.

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Christic Frequency Keys: Apollo-Eros Speaks

During a very powerful vision I was visited by god Apollo. He appeared at first like a white statue but when I touched him, he became alive and he glowed a golden light as he always does when I see him. I looked on his chest and in the middle of his chest was a heart-shaped rose which had the word ‘Eros’ written upon it.

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Baptism of Fire by Lord Marduk

I began to feel Lord Marduk around me and so I closed my eyes and waited for the vision I knew that I would see.

Lord Marduk stood before me in the Etemenanki which is the Temple of the foundation of Heaven and Earth, dedicated to Lord Marduk himself. He asked me to look at his hand and he showed me a round metal mechanism.

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Commander of Ashtar – Prince Karelion

Helen: “Blessings Commander Ashtar and thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I know that you have been around me this past week or so and so I understand that you have something to share with me.”

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Theurgy: Invoking the Divine

Inanna: “What is within is also external. What is external is also within. You perform Theurgy every day, Nanaea. You are an example of Theurgy. You merge with your higher self all the time, even in your dreams.”

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The Origins of the Human Avatar by Lord Enki

The populace of power is the order of a nation. The remains of all that was is used to re create a new and renovated structure. Do not think that things are discarded and forgotten about. All the materials are recycled and transmuted to create a new kind of existence which is then implemented on Earth. Each time a new age enters into your consciousness it is created using all the same energies that belonged to the previous age. It is the same for the soul. You return to Earth, the same souls, only with a different body.

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The Process of Divine Intervention

I asked Lord Anu why they allow bad things to happen to humans he responded with the following message:

“Marduk has already explained to you that we cannot just descend on earth as we did thousands of your years ago.  For one, we don’t have the permission to do this as it will cause too much imbalance among the humans and they will feel threatened by us; they will feel we are invading and they will not see us as their gods. We do not want to see our children raging against us when we ALL love you very much.  So now I will tell you how divine intervention works.

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