Inanna Speaks: The Star of Hope

Blessings and love. I AM Nanaea and I am the vessel and emanation of Venus on Earth. On Venus where my higher self vibrates most powerfully, I am receiving this message for you these times from our beloved Mother and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

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The Way of the Master

The time came for the channeling to begin and as I closed my eyes. I saw an energy imprint of god Marduk.

“Nanaea, what you are seeing now is an energy imprint of one of my incarnations of Earth a long, long time ago. In this incarnation I am called ‘Jibran’ though I am also known by many names, Marduk being the one most familiar to you.

I have asked you to channel my higher self in the consciousness of Jibran for I wish to teach you and all that you share your work with about the way of the master. Pythagoras has enlightened you extensively about the Christed Masters, but my teaching will reflect on the mystery schools more ancient than the Christ mysteries, long before Jesus incarnated on Earth.

The anointed ones were sent to Earth and we each had our own name that resonated with the divine frequencies of the creator. I am what you could call an Angel. I am what you could call the other half of your Angelic nature. I am the male side of the moon and I possess many male energies of the sun. Right now you are meeting with me in Atlantis and I am the founder of a mystery school handed down to me and taught to me by Lord Thoth himself.

Helen: Are you a well known Angel?

Jibran: Yes, I am. I am Archangel Gabriel in male form.

Helen: How can this be when I know you are Michael?

Jibran: I am also Michael when you become Gabriel.

Helen: I am very confused.

Jibran: Then stop thinking with your human brains, Nanaea, and listen to me now.

Helen: I am listening.

Jibran: Who was it who bought the Koran?

Helen: It was Gabriel. Gabriel is also Inanna.

Jibran: And you understand that Marduk and Inanna exchanged roles, am I correct?

Helen: You are correct.

Jibran: Then know that I brought the holy words alongside Inanna and I could become her and she could become me whenever needed. In this image of me, you are seeing me in my male form of Gabriel and it is this LOGOS that was meant to be brought to all nations in different forms. But do you know what happened?

Those who took the teachings I brought, as you have speculated in the past, were mistreated, just as it was in Judaism and Christianity. Thus came the downfall of the brotherhood in Atlantis. The split occurred and each took parts of the truth and created a fantasy, and this is what Abrahamic religions are now; a huge fantasy.

Atlantis did not sink, Nanaea; it was torn apart. The land was destroyed due to the wars happening at the time. Yes, the Anunnaki were there but they had left to see to matters on another planet and they had been gone for some time. Marduk had incarnated as me and it was my responsibility to teach the mysteries which included the LOGOS.

Note the Gematria results for ‘Jibran’:

Anyway, there is no point in discussing this more about Atlantis. Many of you already remember those days of those dark wars. I want to teach you the ways of the master which include many of the teachings Marduk gave you in your channeling regarding mind alchemy.

Note the Gematria results for ‘mind alchemy’:

Now, Nanaea; every symbol unlocks chasms and doorways. Where do these doorways lead to? What kind of doorways do they unlock? Why, of course, I am talking now about unlocking the doorways of the mind and soul. You can either use these symbols to unlock the abyss within a man or you can use symbols to unlock the kingdom within a man.

Helen: Why would a symbol be used to open the abyss within a man? This is black magic.

Jibran: All symbols are neutral. We are talking about mind alchemy. As I was saying, the symbols are neutral and with mind alchemy they can be used for the betterment or the detriment of humankind. This is why it matters what kind of intentions people have when using symbols and the most powerful symbols can be used for negative reasons and effects.

I know you are wondering about the Seal of Solomon. This can be used to open the abyss and close the abyss. It can also be used to activate the doorways to the kingdom. So please know that it was not only used for what you thought but also for opening doorways to the celestial realms. And yes; it did come from Atlantis. It was designed by Thoth and passed on to me. In time, when I incarnated as Solomon it was handed to him.

You remember the box that contained codes that were left for you in this lifetime, don’t you?

Helen: Yes.

Jibran: This is the same thing. Symbols are just codes, Nanaea. Mind alchemy includes the knowledge that all things can be transformed and transmuted. There is nothing that cannot be changed. Even words are codes that can be uttered through the sacred breath and I will teach you right now how to use the sacred breath.

Feel yourself filling yourself with the light of the divine. Allow the words to form a sigil within your mind and see it circulating within the divine light within you. When you are satisfied that it has been empowered you utter it in low tones. These sigils and teachings can be passed on to others in the same fashion as in Atlantis, none of the true teachings were ever written down for fear they would be misused.

I am now going to open your mouth, Nanaea, and I am going to kiss you, and with this kiss I am going to pass to you sacred knowledge that I taught you long ago. I have always enjoyed kissing you.” (He smiles and the seriousness momentarily leaves his face.)

He moves close to me and places his right hand under my chin and tips my head backwards slightly. The fingers of his left hand part my lips and I open my mouth. He places his mouth fully over mine and passes the sigil through the kiss into my consciousness. I see the sigil in my mind but I am not permitted to reveal it.

Jibran: This is the essence of life. It is the element that my father brought to Earth and what he became the lord of. It is that which transforms and I now place this inside of you to settle within your Solar Plexus Chakra. It is what you shall need to carry you through the rest of this path you are on and what you will use in your rituals to empower your own minds and perform your mind alchemy. Now listen carefully. You understand what this represents.

This is how you perform mind alchemy. Create a sigil of the word or words and empower it in your mind. See the cause in your mind and breathe the sacred breath to change the effect.

This is the way of the master. He who practices mind alchemy is a true master. The rest that you learn is for your own spiritual growth.”

Helen: What can you tell me about Cernunnos? Pan?

Jibran: All of the avatars of Christ become Cernunnos; they all wear the horns of power. Even back in Sumer and Babylon the crowns of the gods were adorned with horns. Even the Goddesses. Cernunnos and all the horns on the crowns represent divine power and power over nature.

You must understand that Cernunnos is a label for the many horned gods; Cernunnos is a title to describe what status a god has. But the Cernunnos is attached to the Christ avatar who is the dying and resurrected god.

Cernunnos is like the son of PAN; ‘a’ son of PAN in whatever incarnation he manifests. PAN is as you know, Thoth, Hermes, Enki, Ptah, and any god he chooses to work through for he is PAN THEOS.

Do you remember the story of Enuma Elish? Lord Enki worked through Marduk to realize the world order. He also manifests as Marduk’s son and PAN is who will be working through my current incarnation to manifest the new world order.

Helen: In your lifetime as Jibran, what was my name?

Jibran: You were called Is-Tara

Note the Gematria results for ‘Istara’ which is another form of ‘Ishtar’:

Helen: Thank you, Jibran. It is exciting for me to meet the different manifestations; it helps me to understand you more.”

Aphrodite Speaks: For the Love of Helen

I was not sleeping; I was waking. I was waiting for the time to come when the light revealed herself from beneath the flesh and bone. And it is the bones that I will pick with those who have insulted the Light. Continue reading “Aphrodite Speaks: For the Love of Helen”

The Temple of 11 & 22: Babalon Speaks

The Red Mother is rising
And the core of the Earth is trembling.
Her ear has turned from the East
And heard the barbarians of the west
Misusing her name
Using it in their filth,
Using it in their arrogance.’
They LIE about her.
They BLASPHEME against her.
“You are no son of mine,” she says; “You are no groom of mine.”
“Oh, those fake gods,” she says;
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Lady of the Green Flame: Babalon Speaks

“I am the true green and Golden Lion without cares,
In me all the secrets of the Philosophers are hidden.”

Here is a story
About the Lady of the Green Flame
To make you comprehend
The importance of My Voice
And of how I am The Mother
And the Queen of the Universe
And the Universe itself
For I AM GOD. Continue reading “Lady of the Green Flame: Babalon Speaks”

The Tower: Babalon Speaks

Can you hear the calling?
It is the Voice from The Tower
The Voice is The Mother calling to her sons to return to her;
The Voice of The Mother is mine.
I am The Tower.
I am The Voice.
I am Liberty and Justice
I am Babylon. Continue reading “The Tower: Babalon Speaks”

Sigil of Ishtar – The Divine Star

Before I begin explaining this sacred working it is important for me to address anyone who may attempt to use this sigil for any profane workings. This sigil is divine and it is protected and should anyone try to use it within the black arts then the consequences they will face will be dire. For you see, although it is a key which takes you out of the abyss and frees your mind from mental traps it is also a force that will lock you INTO mental traps should you attempt to use this sigil to harm anyone or to create malevolent outcomes. Beware; you HAVE been warned. Continue reading “Sigil of Ishtar – The Divine Star”

The Daughters of Venus – Are You Her Priestess?

I was urged to write this article to give some answers to a question I have been asked many times. I am aware that there is a similar article being shared regarding the manifestations of our beloved Goddess Aphrodite on Earth in the form of avatars, and this question has been asked to me regarding this article, also.

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