Arcturian Guidance: The Whole Soul

Maron: “Many of you are wondering, “Who am I? What is my path?” please be aware that not every being who has been born into a body knows the answer to this question upon birth; it can take many, many years for them to come into being and find that ray of light that aligns them into the all-knowing sphere of remembrance.

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Tralian: A Request from Arcturus

“For the past two years humanity has been going through tremendous changes which the majority has not been aware of because it has been happening on a very deep subconscious level. Now, these changes are becoming more apparent and they are ascending from the subconscious to the conscious. Some of the changes that people are experiencing are more painful than others but it is surely recognizable that these transitions are taking place.

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Message from the Arcturian Council of Elders

Throughout the morning I had felt an energy very close to that of Lord Zeniel Melchizedek close to me but as I was called into holding council, I discovered a very different looking being had attended who was very tall and who had snow white hair and beard, crystal blue eyes and he was wearing lilac robes. He asked me to channel his message which you can find below:

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