Enki Keys – Free Activation

During working with high energy, I managed to open communication channels with beings from planets I had not consciously communicated with before. It is important to note that I do not know which civilization will want to communicate with us when I perform my rituals; this is decided by the gods and should I wish to, I allow these channels to be opened. Continue reading “Enki Keys – Free Activation”


The Shining: Planetary Alignment

Now comes the hour foretold, a god-gift bringing .
A wonder-sight.
Is it a star new-born and splendid up springing Out of the night?
Is it a wave from the Fountain of Beauty up flinging Foam of delight?
Is it a glorious immortal bird that is Winging Hither its flight?

It is a wave, high-crested, melodious, triumphant,
Breaking in light.
It is a star, rose-hearted and joyous, a splendour Risen from night.
It is flame from the world of the gods, and love runs before it,
A quenchless delight.

Let the wave break, let the star rise, let the flame leap.
Ours, if our hearts are wise,
To take and keep.
Song of Brigit

I sit in prayer and hear father Enki speak to me and ask me to open my laptop and begin typing:

Enki: “My daughter, my Nanaea, it has been some time for me to tell you of a prophecy that is to come and here I am sharing this with you and knowing you will listen and heed my words. After I have finished speaking to you can you then go to search for what I have said but for now I want you listen and write.”

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The Ancient of Days by Father Enki

“The golden egg awaits the seed of divine change for this is what is emerging into your consciousness now, both for Earth and for humanity. The workers of the light, the avatars of the gods, are constantly working to engage this into place for it is imperative that all focus their intentions towards letting in the light, into themselves and into your world.

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The Creative Will

Enki: “Peace is with you all. These days leading to the New Year according to the time of your consciousness on Earth will bring a magnificence of truth and a new doorway that is opening within you for the star is within all men and women. There is a network of frequencies which knit themselves together to create a matrix and this surrounds you all right now as the merging between your world and the kingdom continues. Continue reading “The Creative Will”

The Coming of the Anunnaki Children

Enki: “Nanaea, can you see those doorways? They are doorways that have been opened between Earth and the Kingdom and many of them you have opened yourselves. There are also some that have been opened by other like you who are also working to dissolve the barriers between Earth and the Kingdom.

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Lemurian Channeling & Free Activation

Father Enki: The dark brotherhood has been planning to create mass destruction on the 21st December and take many lives. They began the ‘end of the world’ propaganda scenario so that they could use it as a means to have the blame of their actions directed towards the so called ‘end of days’ lie and not on themselves. They have done this many times with other doomsday stories.

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Your DNA, Your Barcode

I recalled Enki telling me something about human DNA being used by the government to learn more about us but at the time I didn’t think that it was something I needed to write down or even think about. After reading and posting the article I heard Enki calling me and I knew that he had something to tell me about our DNA being collected by the government. You can find the article here:

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