2023: The Rise of Binah

Do not lapse into ignorance even for a moment.
My crowns are sparkling and golden and ready for heads
That are worthy enough to wear them.
It is time to make love to wisdom and open your doors to ecstasy.

Love is the igniter of passion
And this passion is hungry for knowledge.
Love guides you to the realms of destiny
And places your heart on the pyre of Orpheus.

The flames of ‘want’ and ‘need’ are burning
And the fire of the abyss is licking the heels of the fallen.
They cannot stand still as they try to manipulate
The minds of my children yet have to face me
On the Bridge of Qliphoth.

I stand with the Horn of the Unicorn in my left hand
And the Staff of Moses in the other.
Truth and Justice walk together
On the road of perdition
As they greet the dark ones
Who have tried to steal my places
And play gods.

Have you seen?
The mouth of the Lion is Open
And he is ready to devour the sinners.
Who have they sinned against?
They have sinned against me.

The Lion, my beautiful Lion
How golden is your mane!
You shake your head and the world rattles
And all patterns are put into place.
You stamp your feet and all of the universe
Honours your laws.
You are the Divine One,
The Eon, The Neo, my roaring LOVE!

Your tail is a sword, the Sword of Truth
And your eyes are called Ra and Horus.
You are loved by Hathor, my other self
And she unites with you in the Mundane Egg.

You spin on the Axle and shift the polarities,
Standing on Mount Nebo with the Book of The Law in your hands.
You observe how those who are below you
Are siphoning your power
To rule your Kingdom which is my Queendom.

The left hand has cut off the right hand
And the right hand has cut off the left hand.
The left foot is walking down and the right foot is walking up.
Solve my riddle, Warrior of Thebes!
Learn the answer, Knight of Venus!

I have polished your armour
And I have opened my thighs to birth you.
Come out of me my son, my husband.
Be born into my world as I clothe your soul
With the essence of my love.

All truth is coming to the surface
With explosions and power.
The sparks of divine justice are arriving.
Heads will roll and the sun will expose
The filth of souls that have elevated themselves
To leaders.

I am in your heart.
I am on your bed.
I am your eternal lover
You are mine
And I am Binah
Queen of All.

Art by by Daniel Eskridge


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