Twin Flames: Addressing the Misconceptions

A lot of people ponder as to why the Twin Flame union is important or why it even exists at all. Though there are deep, esoteric theories which I have also written about and made videos on, there is a simple answer to this question and this is ‘for balance’. Balance within, balance outside of ourselves within our own lives and balance in our world. Yes; this union is that important because it makes a huge effect on our world and human consciousness. Continue reading “Twin Flames: Addressing the Misconceptions”


The Male & Female Ain Soph

Everyone has a war raging within them and this is the war of the left and the right yet neither are good nor bad; they are just the epitome of opposites that need to be united within. As long as I can remember I had to find the balance of all things IN all things and this channeling is only a part of my life in dedication to the gods and the divine plan. Many times I have felt like Job of the bible for I have passed many painful times in my life but when I really sit and listen to my inner self I understand that these experiences were not punishments from the gods but an imbalance in myself. While many of my readers do not know the innermost me and how my life is, know that everything I do is to attain the Rose and become the Rose through obedience to the divine laws as a servant of the gods and therefore a servant to mankind. Continue reading “The Male & Female Ain Soph”

Calling for the Return of Her Divine Masculine

Venus: “Oh my precious loves, my precious children, how ill informed, how mind corrupted! My children, my young, I am your mother; I am SHE and I am ALL KNOWING. As I move within your souls and within the hearts of your very cores I tell you truths that are written in the stars for you all to see yet you do not see! My blinded, eyeless babies!

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The Prophecy of Zeus

The golden age of the gods is arriving and inside all of you the divine DNA strands are being activated. Of course, there are many of these occurrences in human history as well as your own history, but the nearer the time comes to the golden age, the more intense and frequent these activations will be.

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Return of the Templars

Stirring in the sinews of the Earth, from the cold soil of generation and nourishment, the souls of the cross wearers are awakening as they have heard the call of their Mistress and through the blood oaths they have made to defend the Rose they shall eternally obey her.

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♥ Twin Flame Synthesis ♥

“Recognizing that everything in our world is dual does not mean believing in separateness; recognizing duality means understanding the divine union of the whole. In order to cherish union you must first experience separation ”
-Helen Demetriou

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Gateway of the Sun

This is a channeling from Lord Marduk:

We are the pattern makers of your world and the universe. We are the ordinators of time and the destinies of worlds and we are the recorders of the events that take place either within the material or the etheric. We are the ones that keep guard over that which you call the Akashic Records which are not kept on Earth but are within the dimension of Venus for Venus is the vibration of all the mysteries, wisdom and knowledge and we are the ones who place the Watchers to oversee all events and who keep these testimonies of human consciousness stored and later analyzed by the elder gods.

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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Otherwise known as Mariam of Magdala

The divided nature of the creator is a projection that was brought to Earth through our involution and incarnation. Only through our incarnation on Earth together could we unite the dual aspects of the creator on Earth. The Tetragrammaton, or YHVH, is in itself, a title, a representation of the divine masculine and feminine united. This title is a symbol of who we are and who the male and female beings are on Earth and the manifestation of YHVH within them.

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The Gospel of Jesus

The Gospel of Jesus is one half of The Gospel of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The Gospel of Mariam can be read HERE

The words that we are sharing with the world, is not just to educate, but to teach you about the power of love and what it can do. The words that we are sharing with you are not just about religion or doctrines, but about the heart and the soul. It is such a pity that for so long our story has not been told, but it is a greater pity that the truth has not been told. We will not go into detail of our actions or even explain the events that happened when we were Jesus and Mariam, but what we shall share with you are guidelines of how to live your life within the light and this is the focus of this gospel.

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Return of the PLEROMA-TWIN FLAMES-Channeling from Helena Blavatsky

The whole occurrences in these shifts create nuclear reactions within the human soul. We are here to merge with the divine to reveal the kingdom of the highest here on earth. Each time the divine manifests, they, for we shall call them they even though we are talking about the source of all things, manifests as male and female matter. In each set of soul families there is a male and female who will bring order and divinity back to consciousness. Out of these sets of soul families there is one pair who will bring the Christ consciousness back in the form of matter.

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