Blue Whale Appears To Blow Rainbow Heart

Photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun was lucky enough to capture one of the magnificent animals clearing its blowhole. But the way the water droplets and the sunlight fell gives the appearance of the whale blowing a rainbow coloured heart.

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Scientists Discover the Secret Heartbeat of Trees

The heartbeat of a tree: Scientists discover plants pulsate throughout the night (but it’s far too slow to see with the naked eye)

  • Researchers investigated the overnight movement of 21 species of trees 
  • The used high-precision 3D surveying technique called terrestrial laser scanning
  • This revealed the trees all displayed minute, periodic pulses during the night
  • The discovery suggests the trees are actively pumping water, researchers say

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Photographer Captures A Once-In-A-Lifetime Shot Of A ‘Horizontal Rainbow’ That Filled The Whole Sky

Image credits: Cessna Kutz


Fire rainbows aren’t actually rainbows and they have nothing to do with fire, either. Technically known as circumhorizontal arcs, these optical phenomena occur when the sun is higher than 58° in the sky. The other ingredient forming these arcs are cirrus clouds, which are thin, feathery clouds occurring at higher altitudes. The temperature where these clouds exist is low; therefore, they are made of hexagonal ice crystals. When optimally aligned, these crystals act as a prism and that results in refraction that is reminiscent of a rainbow. Continue reading “Photographer Captures A Once-In-A-Lifetime Shot Of A ‘Horizontal Rainbow’ That Filled The Whole Sky”

The Great Mother Goddess

“Dear Mother Goddess,
Help us to find you in all of your glory;
Enable us to discover the hidden paths you have made for us
So that we can merge with you as the God merges with you in oneness.
Within you there is ALL power and ALL wisdom!
Within you there is sacred knowledge and sacred love!
Reveal to us your truth, your word and your guidance.
As it is, so mote it be.”
-Helen Demetriou

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Message from the Autochthones: Geopathic Stress & The Environment

Not many know or believe of our existence. This is a part of the human brain that has been shut off by energy implants attached in your subtle bodies by beings not fond of the human race.

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