Mary Magdalene: After the Crucifixion

Mary: “I will explain to you what took place after the crucifixion, but first I must go into the history of our movement and who we were as Mary and Jesus.

I came from a wealthy family and as you know, I was dedicated to the mystery school of Astarte who is also known as Asherah. I was trained in the mysteries and from a small child, I knew that my destiny was to be with the other half of my, the co-saviour.

Just as the mother of Jesus, my mother was also visited by one of the messengers and told that she would give birth to an anointed one who would be the partner of the one they called ‘saviour.’ My mother was also instructed on how to lead me to the best place where I could receive the training needed to be ready for my ministry with the other half of my soul.

Let it be known that an anointed one never incarnates alone; they come as twins, as pairs, and together to complete their divine mission on Earth.

I will tell you that my training included the rites of the Hieros Gamos which is the Divine Alchemical Marriage. I find it strange that many on Earth during the latter times denied that Jesus was married when they have knowledge that all Jewish men who read the sacred texts must be married first in order to do so.

Of course, they labeled me as a ‘whore’.  The Goddess, any woman of power and any woman that the Christ loved in his different incarnations was labeled as a whore.  I hope that people are more educated in your times and understand that they slandered my name.

I was provided with money from my parents and from my mystery school to help fund our mission. I had met Jesus many years before he was baptised and began our work and we had been married. We studied together, we learned together, we made alchemical love together and we had children together.

Your records do not say that I was the first to baptise Jesus and after Jesus was baptised with water by Ioannis, he immediately baptised me with water as Ioannis was no longer the head and it was told to us that Jesus must baptise me.

This baptism of both of us was an attunement which kick-started the godhood frequencies within us and gave us greater faith in the feat we were about to begin.”

Helen: “Some say that Jesus was a “kept man” as it was the women who funded the mission of the group. Can you shine some light on this?”

Mary: “The women kept the treasury. The women chosen were also not ordinary women. They had received divine visitations and were also initiated into the mystery schools of the Goddess. The money was given to us by the mystery school.

You must know that Jesus had worked hard all of his life since he was a child and on the death of his father, being the oldest sibling, it was his responsibility to help feed his family. A lot of pressure was on him to provide for his siblings and mother and ensure their survival. He didn’t take his responsibilities lightly.

He was a creator and was taught his craft from his father. Jesus was also a member of a mystery school with his father during his time in Egypt and they also contributed to the movement.

So no, neither Jesus nor the other men were “kept men”. The money was donated for the movement.

You have been told previously what happened during and right after the crucifixion but there is some misunderstanding when it comes to our movement after Jesus had returned back to me.

He did indeed pass on the leadership of the movement and teachings to me because he felt his work had been completed as the head and it was important that from that moment on that it be the woman who was recognized as being the head of the movement.

As you know, this wasn’t well received by a number of those closest to Jesus even though they had been taught about the divine feminine and the Goddess. There were many arguments that ensued, many broken egos and broken dreams and expectations.

You see, the mysteries are feminine. Wisdom, knowledge, magic, ritual etc are all feminine and are all delivered to man via woman. The handing over of the movement was never an attack on the sacred masculine and for there to ever be harmony in the heavens or on Earth there must be balance of the masculine and feminine who are working in partnership for the betterment of the planet and humanity.

Jesus and I continued with this plan and we traveled extensively where we opened mystery schools. Yes, I taught the women and Jesus taught the men and we taught both men and women together as partners, yet he had told all that I was the head.

And now I want to give you information about what is to come.

Soon, in the time ahead, there will be The Coming of Sarka. You can translate this to mean as you wish. Flesh, life, breath or the name of a woman. (She smiles.)

But what does it mean exactly?

I am very aware that the divine feminine, women and the Goddess are being used by shadow governments to fuel political agendas to suit their narrative but what they are forcing is nowhere near the Will of the Goddess. They say that they are impressing the matriarchal energy against patriarchy while they are only creating more chaos and hostility between man and woman. The Will of the Goddess is BALANCE! Men are no better than women and women are no better than men; neither are above the other and to continue to feed their agenda is a crime against both the divine masculine and feminine.

At the same time, the rights of women are being trampled on by misguided men. Men are being pushed to infiltrate women’s groups and women’s roles and this is a giant step backwards for the freedom that women fought and died for.

The Sarka is indeed the name of the Goddess but it is also the coming of the new flesh, the flesh that is both male and female; the hermaphrodite mentality, if you will. It is the perfected human who is balanced in thought, body and soul with the masculine and feminine forces.”

Helen: “My lady, what can you tell me about what is happening in our present situation on Earth and what should we do?”

Mary: “You have all been divided into groups. Note the word ‘divided’. You are all put at war with each other. You are each told that one group is more important than another group and the narrative is to constantly tell you that you are different rather than express how you are all equal and that nothing divides you but the idea of division.

Now you must sit and wait; it is not the right time, yet. They expect a rebellion right now and they are ready for it so do not do it now; take them by surprise and you will know when that time will be. Sit, meditate, think and live your lives to the fullest. Focus on the betterment of self. Focus on reaching your divine selves.

You are all forgetting your divine heritage and your own divinity and instead you are squabbling like children. It is time to grow up now and understand that your power lies in the unseen and not in the seen. It is there that you must confront and defeat them.

I love you all, my loves. My beloved loves. I am holding you all in my arms.”

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Art by Denise Daffara


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