Light Language: Message from Arcturus

Maron: “It important that humanity understands that the civilizations of the star nations are your brothers and sisters for all material bodies are from the same source, all were created from the same ‘hands’ and the same intention.

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Arcturian Message: Re-Coding of Human DNA

Maron: “Salutations my beloved Nanaea. It has been some time since we have approached you to share our message for humanity for we know that you have your Earth protectors and main guides from your ancestors who are also our ancestors but again humanity is needing additional guidance to help them through these transitions they are now facing and the profound upheavals that humanity is now in the midst of.”

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Tralian: A Request from Arcturus

“For the past two years humanity has been going through tremendous changes which the majority has not been aware of because it has been happening on a very deep subconscious level. Now, these changes are becoming more apparent and they are ascending from the subconscious to the conscious. Some of the changes that people are experiencing are more painful than others but it is surely recognizable that these transitions are taking place.

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Message from the Arcturian Council of Elders

Throughout the morning I had felt an energy very close to that of Lord Zeniel Melchizedek close to me but as I was called into holding council, I discovered a very different looking being had attended who was very tall and who had snow white hair and beard, crystal blue eyes and he was wearing lilac robes. He asked me to channel his message which you can find below:

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Anunnaki Council Message: Watch Your Thoughts

Nanaea, right now we want you to know that there is a disruption in the frequencies being sent to Earth by many of the light beings. Luckily, we have other means of getting our messages to you through frequencies that cannot be detected by them. Yet.

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