The Temple of 11 & 22: Babalon Speaks

The Red Mother is rising
And the core of the Earth is trembling.
Her ear has turned from the East
And heard the barbarians of the west
Misusing her name
Using it in their filth,
Using it in their arrogance.’
They LIE about her.
They BLASPHEME against her.
“You are no son of mine,” she says; “You are no groom of mine.”
“Oh, those fake gods,” she says;
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The Hourglass: Babalon Speaks

I am the Queen of the material and the non-material worlds.
And because of this I can walk through dimensions or stay within both.
I am the spider who is 8 because I am a reflection of 4.
Put this together and add a whole.
I am 840 and the bearer of destinies.
For whoever wishes to win their destiny must answer to me.
I impart to you the wisdom of the Ancient of Days.
For it is through me that El Shaddai speaks.
And I am the carrier of the child god who brings the new Achana and the new aeon.
And I am the soul bringer of the celestial stars.

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