I AM Misha, The Female form of Michael

“I am Misha, the female form of Michael. Yes, the same Archangel Michael that you all know and love. I come to you to speak of other worlds that exist within your own and they are other worlds because the world you live in is manufactured, illusionary and created. Yes, there are many who will not agree with me because they think that they are living a true reality but this is not the truth, dear souls; you are living the reality made for you by the ones who call themselves your gods.

Those that call themselves your gods tell you who to love and who to hate, who to support and defend and who to blame. Ah, I hear you! “I can’t be told what to do!” you cry! You are already woven into the spider’s web of lies that forms gossamer threads on your eyes so that you cannot see. The goal is to make you feel you are in control of your choices because then you think you are exercising your divinely given free will.

They tell you who are the bad people and who are the good. They tell you who to go after and drag through the mud and who to praise and hold up like false gods. You think that you are righteous while spitting hate. Imagine millions of people hating one person when they do not hold the complete truth. You hate because of what you are told and not what you know first hand. It is shameful behaviour.

What you are all seeing is not part of the whole. There is so much that is happening behind the scenes that none of you are aware of though many believe they have the full picture because it is their opinion. It is time to move forward from these childish ways and grow in wisdom. It is time that you went within and projected yourself as the world you want to live in. Sadly, so many of you have become the mob.

I understand how easy it is for you to fall to the wayside when you have been experiencing such grief and stress. I understand that the times that you have gone through have created mental and emotional wounds and scars. Please do not lose your humanity.

I know that many of you want to know the outcome of this war that is all on your minds though it troubles me that you forget there are many wars that are going on around the world that are instigated by your so-called civilized leaders. There are many dying and many in need of food and water, shelter and help but these leaders do not want you to focus on this.

I can tell you that there will be fighting in the sea and above the sea and this will bring the world to the grand finale. Again, there is so much that you do not know and what you are told is the reality they have created for you. I ask you to always look deeper and research for yourself. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by prejudices or because of the so-called truth given to you.

The seed was planted with Leviathan. Follow that trail.

Turkey will become involved as the peacemaker while of course having its own agenda to gain more power. Once Turkey gains more power then it will become a demanding force that is never happy by whatever it is given. Of course, Turkey has made a deal with America and they will play their role and claim their prize.

There will be peace talks eventually and an agreement will be made. This agreement will bring a little forgiveness towards Russia from the world through time.

But I tell you that the scope of poverty is growing and more and more people will find it harder to buy food. This is a snowball that is becoming bigger and uglier with each passing day and there will be more catastrophes and more pains so that the human spirit becomes more broken and more beaten down.

My advice? Step back. Do not involve yourself. Do not feed their plans. Do not give your energy to their created realities because you are only making them more real. Disengage.

And some ask, “Why doesn’t a higher power do something?” and my answer is, we have constantly tried to steer you to the light of truth and love. We have tried constantly to show you the straight road but it is up to you to save yourselves by empowering your godly selves to stand up and reclaim your divine matrix on Earth. We cannot do the work for you. This is why you have gotten yourselves into this mess in the first place because you keep giving up your power to others to make the decisions for you. You keep depending on others to do the right thing rather than doing the right thing yourselves and taking responsibility. Your planet was given to you as a gift yet you constantly give this gift away. It is all up to you. It is time for you to grow up.

I am saddened to see so many turning away from the moral and holy. I am saddened to see the human form manipulated. You create artificial ideals and images of yourself and so is it any wonder that you live in an artificial world?

The material is winning over the spirit. Only you can go within and love the inner so that you stop mutilating the outer.”


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