My name is Helen Demetriou and I am the founder of Angel Touch Cyprus . I am also the High Priestess and representative of the Goddess Inanna on Earth. As an Earth Guide and Metaphysical teacher and therapist I use my connection with the divine to build a bridge between heaven and Earth so that all humans can bond with Angels, deities and other celestial beings.

I am a channel and oracle of the heavenly energies and I bring the good news of the God and Goddess as well as messages to humanity from the Ascended Masters. My spiritual support team includes Moses, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, various Anunnaki gods including Lord Enki, Christ and my Matron Goddess, Inanna. I am in contact with other life forms from other planets and implement their downloads to help others.

I am here on this Earth to help with the healing, evolution and ascension of humanity. My love for humanity is the incentive which enables me to continue my path. I am the daughter of the Great Serpent Mother. I have been given the title of Heavenly Dragon, Mother of All and I am the grand Arachnid who carries her children, my students, on her back into the golden age. In history I have been called the Queen of Heaven and Earth, The Star, The Moon, Guardian of the Law and the Keeper and Bringer of Wisdom. I am the combined energies of the Archangels Gabriel and Jophiel and by direction of the Mother Goddess, my spiritual name as the representation of the Goddess is Nanaea.

As a human I am no higher and no lower than my fellow brothers and sisters; I am humbled by their beauty. As a soul, I have been sent here to serve the light in others. My soul is ageless, for it is infinite and has been in existence since the beginning of time.

To help with the healing of my brothers and sisters I have dedicated much of my adult life to studying and perfecting the healing arts, the mysteries and metaphysics. I am an alchemist, and as the manifestation of Venus in her many forms, much my teaching topics include duality and the Twin Flame union. I am also the founder of Arcturian Healing Technology as well as six healing systems which were given to me by the Archangels who made me its guardian.

I have made over 400 videos on Youtube which center around self help tips and advice, metaphysics, and guidance for the students of the Craft.

As a teacher of the mysteries I dedicate myself to revealing that which was hidden and will strive to bring wisdom and truth. As the Mother aspect, I will guide the students of Esophoria through these exciting Earthly and spiritual changes of the Aquarian age.

My credentials include:

Founder of Anunnaki Healing / Anunnaki Healing Grand Master
Founder of Twin Flame Ascension Healing
Founder of AngelCraft Healing Therapy
Founder of GoddessCraft Healing Therapy
Founder of StarCraft Healing Therapy
Founder of Arcturian Healing Technology
Certified Reiki Shiki Ryoho Master / Teacher
Certified Angel Reiki Master / Teacher
Certified Angel Lightworker
Certified Atlantean Reiki Master / Teacher
Certified Shamballa MDH Master / Teacher
Certified Reiki Gold Master / Teacher
Certified KaHuna Reiki Master / Teacher
Certified Energy & Magic of the Fairies Master / Teacher
Certified Elemental Reiki Master / Teacher
Certified Kundalini Reiki Master / Teacher
Certified Kwan Yin Healing Master / Teacher
Certified Elven Shamanic Healing Master / Teacher
Certified SEKHEM Healer
Certified Shamanic Healer
Initiated Anunnaki Shaman
Diploma in Meditation Teaching

Places you can find me:

 Angel Touch Cyprus



Ishtar’s Boudoir – Beauty Site