Age of the Dragon Riders

Dragon Ferren is the leader of the Dragon Masters and he is a close companion to Lord God Marduk. In this following channeling you will learn more about the dragons and their wisdom including the Dragon Riders and Dragon Lords.

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Dance with the Shekinah by Goddess Inanna

I feel the Goddess Inanna nearing me. We become one in reality and a transmutation of the divine merging with the avatar of her root existence. She steps behind me and wraps her arms around me and music begins to play. We move together as one creation and I feel her breathing in my ear and then she begins to whisper to me:

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FREE Shekinah Fire Activation

Celestial Blessings. My dearest loves; I AM Nanaea. I am representation of Venus on Earth and I have been told by my Mother and Father that humanity is going through very difficult times right now regarding the ability to transmute negative energy such as negative thought forms and emotions back into light. The new energies that have entered Earth consciousness from Venus that brings enlightenment, spiritual growth and healing, are being opposed by the forces at work on Earth and within humans that are acting as blocks between these energies being fully absorbed into the Earthly and human conscious system.

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The Return of the Peacock God

I’m seeing a god like Krishna with peacocks around him.

He is sitting with his legs crossed and just floating.

His face is turned into Helios…and he said I am Christilios.

“I am the cosmic Christ known as Christ-Helios. I am the Peacock God. My peacock feathers symbolize the many rays that I represent for I represent all rays and manifest as one in each incarnation. I am the emanation of the sun and I am present with you in each turn of the zodiac wheel.

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