2018: The Gateway of 11

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2017: The Coming Times

Over the past few months I have been receiving many messages and images which I have been storing in my memory for the day that would come where they could all be explained to me and for when I would be told to share what I had been told.

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As Above, So Below – The New Temple

I see a golden pyramid and at the top there is a cloud of gold dust within which I see the upper torso and head of Father Enki. He smiles at me with so much love and I begin to cry. The rays emanating from him touch the ground and one ray is penetrating through my heart. His face changes and morphs into St. Germaine, Thoth, Hermes, Nabu, and back to Enki again. He tells me:

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The Coming of the Anunnaki Children

Enki: “Nanaea, can you see those doorways? They are doorways that have been opened between Earth and the Kingdom and many of them you have opened yourselves. There are also some that have been opened by other like you who are also working to dissolve the barriers between Earth and the Kingdom.

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Commander of Ashtar – Prince Karelion

Helen: “Blessings Commander Ashtar and thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I know that you have been around me this past week or so and so I understand that you have something to share with me.”

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Lemurian Channeling & Free Activation

Father Enki: The dark brotherhood has been planning to create mass destruction on the 21st December and take many lives. They began the ‘end of the world’ propaganda scenario so that they could use it as a means to have the blame of their actions directed towards the so called ‘end of days’ lie and not on themselves. They have done this many times with other doomsday stories.

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Your DNA, Your Barcode

I recalled Enki telling me something about human DNA being used by the government to learn more about us but at the time I didn’t think that it was something I needed to write down or even think about. After reading and posting the article I heard Enki calling me and I knew that he had something to tell me about our DNA being collected by the government. You can find the article here:

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Journey to Nibiru & the Eternal Return

As I have mentioned many times in my previous channelings, the Kingdom/new world/Nibiru, is merging with Earth reality. I have also explained in my work that Nibiru is not a planet that will crash into Earth in the sense that doomsday conspirators have been prophesying for the longest time (and spreading fear).

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The Origins of the Human Avatar by Lord Enki

The populace of power is the order of a nation. The remains of all that was is used to re create a new and renovated structure. Do not think that things are discarded and forgotten about. All the materials are recycled and transmuted to create a new kind of existence which is then implemented on Earth. Each time a new age enters into your consciousness it is created using all the same energies that belonged to the previous age. It is the same for the soul. You return to Earth, the same souls, only with a different body.

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