The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Otherwise known as Mariam of Magdala

The divided nature of the creator is a projection that was brought to Earth through our involution and incarnation. Only through our incarnation on Earth together could we unite the dual aspects of the creator on Earth. The Tetragrammaton, or YHVH, is in itself, a title, a representation of the divine masculine and feminine united. This title is a symbol of who we are and who the male and female beings are on Earth and the manifestation of YHVH within them.

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The Gospel of Jesus

The Gospel of Jesus is one half of The Gospel of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The Gospel of Mariam can be read HERE

The words that we are sharing with the world, is not just to educate, but to teach you about the power of love and what it can do. The words that we are sharing with you are not just about religion or doctrines, but about the heart and the soul. It is such a pity that for so long our story has not been told, but it is a greater pity that the truth has not been told. We will not go into detail of our actions or even explain the events that happened when we were Jesus and Mariam, but what we shall share with you are guidelines of how to live your life within the light and this is the focus of this gospel.

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Mary Magdalene: The Co-Saviour

Mary Magdalene: “And now you are ready to hear the rest of the true story of Jesus and me. You are also ready to share it; it is time. You are ripe and you are ready and the life of fertility runs through you.

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Mary Magdalene: The Full Story

Note: This channeling is the second part of the initial meetings with Mary Magdalene. To fully understand the body of this channeling, please read the first one here: HERE

Helen: Blessed Mariam, thank you for meeting with me. I have asked to speak with you again because I have some questions regarding what you had told me in our previous meeting.

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The Confession of Mary Magdalene

Note from Helen Demetriou:

I offer a word of caution before you read this channeling. It was very difficult to channel these truths given to me by our beloved Mary Magdalene who is known as Mariam. This is not a channeling that made me feel happy to have learned these revelations but I felt utter sadness. I did not know if it would be wise to publish this channeling because of how sad it is yet I was urged to by Mariam. I understand that most people are used to and want to read only happy channelings but in order to heal from this archetype that lives within many women and from the savagery that has been inflicted upon the Goddess through time, I also understand how important it is to get the truth out there.

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