Return of the PLEROMA-TWIN FLAMES-Channeling from Helena Blavatsky

The whole occurrences in these shifts create nuclear reactions within the human soul. We are here to merge with the divine to reveal the kingdom of the highest here on earth. Each time the divine manifests, they, for we shall call them they even though we are talking about the source of all things, manifests as male and female matter. In each set of soul families there is a male and female who will bring order and divinity back to consciousness. Out of these sets of soul families there is one pair who will bring the Christ consciousness back in the form of matter.

Wisdom is on earth, she is incarnated into matter. Along with her is her divine counterpart, the male expression of the source of all.

Both have incarnated into testing lives which is riddled with lessons in the form of pain, for incarnating as human is not an easy task, even for the divine. Even the source of all, to become human, has to go through the process of human evolution. This is why this same expression of male and female have incarnated so many times in order to be complete the true path of humanity.

They are not from the earth; they were never created as human spirits and so each time they incarnate they must start from the lowest point and work their way up through scores of painful experiences in order to be ready to meet and procreate light.

There are always alignments and omens which have been put into place to ensure they understand each step together. Once they meet they must stay together and continue bringing light energy onto earth.

The PLEROMA is the key to all. Much knowledge has been stored on earth and so the two expressions of source must retrieve this knowledge and become whole once again. It only needs these two expressions to become whole and produce PLEROMA in matter. As each of these two expressions are whole and complete only when they come together, then so must they produce a complete and whole being that will be as human with full DNA intact and connected who will reside among many and bring fertility and oneness between the divine and man.

The Architect is now on earth along with his wisdom twin, she who feeds him knowledge and wisdom so that he may create. Both are in a state of troubled minds as only when they come together in physicality can they understand divine truth and knowledge. When they are apart and unconnected in earthly ways then they become lost again on the sea of human confusion.

They are sent along with their workers to fashion the earth once again into its needed state of being and consciousness. Their goal is to bring about the age of wisdom which will in turn create greater chaos before it brings peace.

The complete being who is coming is both creator and destroyer, just as his father is. He will take the soul essence of his parents to create into form newness and revolution.

As he comes to the tail of his existence he eats the head of established traditions and swallows them whole. When this is swallowed, in the process of this, the earth will know climaxes of upheaval and natural disasters. The earth is shaking so that all will fall into place.

When the PLEROMA is birthed into being, all fullness will reign, divinity will once again walk among humans in its own divine form. The two expressions are now trapped in matter, a sacrifice they made in order to bring about this change and resolution.

Of course, they love; they love each other because one cannot be away from the other and they are aware of the completion the other brings to the other and are not part of each other but simply ARE. Their hunger to touch, to make love, to become one is greater than their hunger to eat or to drink. This is how one knows they have found their other for they have passed through hell on earth to be together.

Even though they are one, as separate beings they must learn to know oneness as human beings. They must accept the mirrored negative aspects of themselves and turn it into positive, even if both are the opposite poles of the universe and of earth.

Nothing will come easy; it isn’t meant to. It is a hard struggle to live a human life and find a solution for their differences. With the pains and fears each has suffered it is hard for them to not challenge each others emotions and feelings for they are the same and each wants the other to recognize their battle scars from life.


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