Twin Flames: Addressing the Misconceptions

A lot of people ponder as to why the Twin Flame union is important or why it even exists at all. Though there are deep, esoteric theories which I have also written about and made videos on, there is a simple answer to this question and this is ‘for balance’. Balance within, balance outside of ourselves within our own lives and balance in our world. Yes; this union is that important because it makes a huge effect on our world and human consciousness.

There are many that say that you do not need to have physical and/or sexual union with your Twin Flame and I am not going to argue with those that say this. There are those that say you will not meet your Twin Flame in every lifetime and one may come to Earth and the other may stay in the etheric world. Again, I am not going to argue with these people. And there are other who say that each person has to work through their own karma before they are ready to meet their Twin Flame and you guessed it; I am not going to argue with these other people. Also, there are those who say that brothers and sisters or a mother and her daughter etc can be Twin Flames. You know the rest…

Instead I speak from my own experiences and my studies of the esoteric mysteries regarding the Hieros Gamos/Divine Marriage and people can either take it or leave it; the choice is theirs.

However, I feel that it is very important to address the misconceptions regarding Twin Flames as it seems that the ‘know-it-all’s’ not only throw a negative projection onto the whole subject but also project their own cynical opinions which are created due to their own lack of faith in the Twin Flame path or from mistakenly believing someone is their Twin Flame and because they are not together with this someone for whatever reason, their idea about the Twin Flame is the only truth for everyone.

Of course, there are many different stories and while I am in no way unsympathetic to those who have felt real pain and cried real tears because they have been hurt for whatever reason, I cannot allow their perception of what is to ruin it for everyone else and spread misinformation.

In my early days of addressing all that I knew and had studied regarding Twin Flames, I found myself being swayed in the information I was sharing in order to placate those who were adamant in what Twin Flames were and I knew I was doing this in order to please but continued to do so. I also did it in order to ease the pain of some people and their own experiences but I came to a point where I realized that I wasn’t being true to me and I wasn’t being true to truthitself and so I had to make the decision to be honest in all ways, even if it created discomfort, but to give this honesty in the gentlest way possible.

With this out of the way I want to say that Twin Flames are born together on Earth roughly around the same time. There can be a 10 year age gap between them, maybe more, or maybe a lot less, whatever the case, they will both be present in body on Earth.

Twin Flames cannot be brothers and sisters or with any other family member or any relationship where romance is a definite no-no; this is a totally different subject which relates to soul families who incarnate on Earth together.

I personally do not believe in past life karma coming into the present life time to wreak havoc; this is the Buddhist belief system that was injected into the New Age movement and a lot of people seem to believe that karmic debt/lessons are the reason for every painful experience we have in our lives including those who are raped and murdered at whatever age, even when they are babies. So rather than continue with this particular line of thought and bring this article down, I will just conclude that I may not know everything but I know that the creator would not be so cruel as to create a punishment system that inflicts pain on even innocent babies because of something they MAY have done in a past life.

So no; I do not believe that a person has to work through their karma before they can experience union with their Twin Flame, mostly because of what I have just said but also because if there is anyone who is passing through a painful life experience there is no-one that can better help them to heal than their own Twin Flame, their own ‘other half of the soul’.

A lot of the painful experiences that we do have is because of a deep emptiness we feel inside that is due to the constant yearning for THE one who understands us totally and who makes us feel complete. For every illness there is a cure and our Twin Flame is the cure for all of the pain or at least they can help us through the pain and be our co-workers in self-healing and vice versa. At this point I have to say that people meet soul mates, not Twin Flames, and live a perfectly happy existence together and a lot of soul work can be done together which also benefits human consciousness tremendously. While not all romantic relationships are Twin Flame relationships, they can act as a ‘painkiller’ for both of parties.

So ultimately, why is the physical union important?  Here is an excerpt from one of my other articles which you can also read by clicking the link below it:

From the ancient tablets of Sumer we learn about the Goddess Inanna and her consort, the chosen hero, God Marduk. We learn about the dance of the Shiva and Shakti which are the energies of the sacred masculine and feminine incarnated into matter as the above deities. The stories portray Inanna and Marduk as being twin souls, true lovers, of having an infinite love that replays again and again throughout history as they reincarnate as Osiris and Isis, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, as Mithras and Anahita and as Jesus and Mary Magdalene to mention but a few.

We are taught how their union of the sacred masculine and feminine in flesh, unites heaven and Earth, taking the Earth conscious to zero point and opening stargates to the kingdom so that the energies of a new world, a peaceful and JUST world, can enter human reality.

These fertility rites were celebrated for thousands of years as the ancients knew of the importance of the joining of twin flames. Through this sexual alchemy of uniting mind, body, heart and soul together as one with the creator of ALL, both were transformed, both ascended that much further and their true selves, their higher selves merged with their flesh and mind that much more. So this is the goal of Twin Flames and to those who hear the call, in truth, they have an obligation to each other and to Earth to answer it.

– Twin Flame Synthesis 

Most of my writings through either articles and channelings are about the Hieros Gamos, the union of opposites and I will place the links below so that you can read them at your own ease. There are some that are very deep and need a focused mind and others that are pretty easy to understand.

For Twin Flame Healing and Twin Flame packages please click HERE


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