Gateway of the Sun

This is a channeling from Lord Marduk:

We are the pattern makers of your world and the universe. We are the ordinators of time and the destinies of worlds and we are the recorders of the events that take place either within the material or the etheric. We are the ones that keep guard over that which you call the Akashic Records which are not kept on Earth but are within the dimension of Venus for Venus is the vibration of all the mysteries, wisdom and knowledge and we are the ones who place the Watchers to oversee all events and who keep these testimonies of human consciousness stored and later analyzed by the elder gods.

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Inanna Channeling: Divine Law and Past Lives

The golden stars of the night sky are the compass points of humanity. It is through them and by them that enlightenment is projected and reflected on Earth. Believe me, it is the same for all planets and constellations, as the celestial bodies are the epitome of the carriers and messengers of divine law.

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Anunnaki Message on Soul Maps and Zachariah Sitchin

Greetings, daughter, this is the Anunnaki checking in with a message we would like you to share with humanity. As you know many things are showing a great and significant change in your reality; many of you can feel these shifts in your consciousness which may result in you feeling sad at times and elated in others. You may also notice that people are behaving differently or may be showing different characteristics that you never knew they had before. Know that they have always been this way, but you are beginning now to see deeper into the souls of people as you read their vibration patterns which tell you exactly who they are.

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