The Gospel of Jesus

The Gospel of Jesus is one half of The Gospel of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The Gospel of Mariam can be read HERE

The words that we are sharing with the world, is not just to educate, but to teach you about the power of love and what it can do. The words that we are sharing with you are not just about religion or doctrines, but about the heart and the soul. It is such a pity that for so long our story has not been told, but it is a greater pity that the truth has not been told. We will not go into detail of our actions or even explain the events that happened when we were Jesus and Mariam, but what we shall share with you are guidelines of how to live your life within the light and this is the focus of this gospel.

My beloved and I are true examples of dedication and commitment to following our life plan, the divine plan that was put into place by our heavenly family, the Elohim. We incarnated on earth with our spiritual brothers and sisters who fought so hard to bring the true light of love and wisdom to the planet. I bring to you the true marriage of spirit and matter.

Within each cell of the human bodies lives the divine will for existence. Within each cell of the body lives a code of divinity, for you are the children of the gods and your will is also divine will upon earth. Through your acceptance and willingness to fulfill the divine plan, you bring heaven to existence for the paradise that you know about is the paradise that exists for you and you alone.

You were each born with the knowledge of right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark and this has been instilled within you since the days of Adam and Eve. It is true that the woman is the bringer of wisdom for it is she who gave man wisdom of all things, etheric and mundane. The definitive thoughts of each human being are a collective consciousness and a thought which is building different dimensions of existence. Each mind is able to contribute to the newness of each aeon and it is you, humanity, who has within you a mechanism that manifests the savior into your world. For you are preprogrammed to send out a signal for help whenever humanity is under threat and the divine hears this signal frequency and begins to make it happen, begins to shift time in order to bring you the new Aeon into your consciousness.

Many understand that salvation is needed for humanity, even if they don’t collectively believe that it shall come in the form of a human being but I must confess and be clear as I teach you, that it is not just one human being but two human gods, the male and female for they form the triangle with the creator and within this triangle they are able to heighten the vibrational frequencies of not only the planet but for all who live there, including animals and the earth and the plans and the trees; every single living cell.

To understand the tree of life is to understand how you came to be here, for the tree is like the ladders, the stairway to heaven and each branch is a step either closer to the divine or closer to the Earth. There is no highest point, even when closer to Earth for each destination is an ascension in itself whether to incarnate on Earth or when the spirit leaves the body. You ascend to Earth. You must understand that ascension is not only reaching above, it is also reaching below for ascension is no fixed place but a dimension that exists on all levels and in all planes of existence. Involution can be up and it can be down, either way, it is still involution. It is true that the seed comes to earth to be planted firmly in the underworld and it is from here that first you receive your wisdom for it is here that you understand what your missions are and what life is on Earth.

These words are blessings in themselves and are part of what you already know, for when we, my beloved and I came, we joined our minds to the collective consciousness and so this teaching is nothing new to the Earth, it has just been stored within you to be awakened, remembered and realized once again.

The number 666 is a code. It is a code to unlocking the gate way between the underworld and Earth realities. It is a key that unlocks all truths onto Earth and this key will be used in these times to unleash all knowledge onto humanity. The beast of Revelation is when man understands his own beastly nature for men have been taught to believe that if the Christ lives within them, then all essence of the beast is destroyed. This is not true. The beast remains on Earth as long as ignorance remains and when there is the absence of wisdom, my holy bride, then the beast is the shadow of every man and woman who lurks in the depths of their soul and this is only because it is never brought out into the light to be purified by true knowledge and enlightenment.

Bestowed upon humanity is the knowledge of good and evil so that humans would be able to understand the difference between the true divine and the created false idols. Without this wisdom, without the divine feminine, the polar opposite, have been led by charlatans and sadly, because the religions of most faiths, even from pagan times, have taught false doctrines to enslave humanity in being confused in the knowledge of who to believe and who to not, humans have lost the ability to judge for themselves what is of the creator and what is a product of the created.

From the earliest times those wishing to control humanity in the direction of their choice, humans stopped worshiping the creator but began worshiping what the almighty created; they began to worship man of flesh, not the man filled with the seed of the divine, and because of this he forfeited his ability to see with divine eyes and was blinded to the Christ and Sophia who lived within himself.

And so my brothers and sisters, for you are our brothers and sisters, for you are children of the gods just as I am, I bring to you the Logos that lives in me which I inherited from my father and my bride brings to you the Wisdom which live within her which she inherited from her mother. Our words come not from above, but from within YOU, for these words already exist for they exist within YOU. We are simply mirroring your own truth and voicing that which you were born already knowing.

I bring to you an image of the serpent, which is the male Logos. I bring to you the SERPENT LOGOS, for it is the re-birthing of knowledge within you, the resurrection and the light; it is the epitome of life never ending and through my mouth, the mouth of the serpent, you shall pass through the gateways of death, unharmed but baptized with divine fire.

My bride brings to you the feminine wisdom, she brings you SERPENT GNOSIS, for she opens your eyes through the egg of her womb as you re-enter the gateway to rebirth and the crucifixion of lies and the resurrection of truth.

You ENTER THE CROSS when you enter truth of the male and female divine aspects on earth and see them as the cross, as equal. When you ENTER THE CROSS you arrive at the middle and it is at the middle where there is balance. It is then, when you are at the middle of the crossing, that you experience true awakening and enlightenment.

It is not just me, the male god who speaks but also my bride, the Sophia, my Mariam; we speak as one collective voice for we are one and the same, she lives in me and I live in her and WE live in you. Those who taught false doctrines separated us and so they separated the cross. By separating the cross they divided us we are incomplete; and when we are incomplete, you are also incomplete. For we represent man and woman on earth; we are the manifestation of the male and female beings on earth and to bring us back into your reality, the male and female must come together as one being within you CONSCIOUSLY once again.

The Great manifestor, the Great Hermes, with his knowledge of DIVINE ALCHEMY, brought the two serpents together and it is his goal to constantly try to reunite the male and female for this alone can bring healing and a deletion of disease and sickness, not only of the body, but of the mind and spirit. The Caduceus of Hermes is the representation of the two serpents of the masculine and feminine and these serpents have been separated on earth in human consciousness and so he works constantly, in all ways, in any way he can to bring back the two serpents into reality. When I was hung on the cross, I was an example of the destruction of the divine masculine on Earth for I was only ONE on the staff…and as you can imagine, when the one of the two is destroyed, the other is also destroyed. Together we represent the Caduceus of Hermes and we are the representation of balance, harmony, and direction with wisdom.

Why is the Goddess the divine plan? She is because all life begins within her holy womb. All new ideas are planted and grow from there and so with what she births, the Logos directs with wisdom and love.

There are two different kinds of matrix on Earth; there is the divine plan which is otherwise known as the DIVINE MATRIX, and there is the matrix which is created. You must know that I am not going to speak to you in a style from 2000 years ago; I shall speak to you in a way that you understand and your readers shall understand. The created matrix is an artificial consciousness which was made to mimic the holy sequences. It is in itself a corruption of the SACRED LOGOS which was interpreted for you by the Elohim, otherwise known as the Anunnaki. When I taught 2000 years ago as Jesus, my teaching was also based on the created matrix of that time and I explained that through my work humanity would find the exit from the false net that had been shrouding the earth for some time. The salvation that I promised humanity would attain through me was not only a soul level but also salvation for the living flesh and nous, that freedom was obtainable once an individual was able to understand and see the exit of the created matrix. The point of exit can be seen once the individual can see the difference between the divine matrix and the created matrix.

Salvation can be obtained NOW while the body is living and is on Earth, not only salvation of spirit when the body dies and the soul leaves. There is no level of consciousness of enlightenment of ascension that cannot be found on Earth, for the Earth in itself is the kingdom of the gods and all that is needed for enlightenment can be attained on Earth. It is a choice you make to live within the divine matrix or the created one. The matrix is not a net but in itself a consciousness that you are a part of when you are ignorant of the existence of the divine plan.


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