Stargates and Twin Flame Love Signals: Channeling from Lord Marduk

“There is always a gatekeeper to every stargate and there is always a key keeper. Together they are able to open stargates on Earth. These stargates open where they are needed to be opened for all gatekeepers and keykeepers meet for a divine reason, a reason that has been predestined. These stargates have already been mapped out, long before the gatekeeper and key keeper incarnate and become of age.

As Marduk, I am one of the original key keepers and Inanna is one of the original gatekeepers. Together we opened many stargates and passed this down to our avatars who are now guided by us when and how to open more.

It is possible for a mass consciousness to open these doors, but who said that this is divine will? How do you know that any human decision to open stargates is the will of the divine or divine intervention? When stargates need to be opened, the divine will connect with you in a language you understand and ask you to do it, for these stargates, as I have said before, have already been decided. There may also be other light beings to open a channel with you and ask you to do the same. All are working towards the divine plan.

Of course, there are beings on and off Earth who do not support the freedom or ascension of humanity and those are the ones who will spread these rumours for humans to open stargates for them. We ask that when these events take place, because we know that they do, instead of following the crowd please ask yourselves if this is divine. Investigate what will come from this. What is the purpose for opening these gates? Do you know it? If not, do not do it. Please use your logic.

What are the purposes of stargates? The purposes of stargates are to allow light beings and the gods to travel to Earth. These stargates are outlets and inlets for human consciousness. Attached to these stargates are wormholes that allow beings to travel through many light years to enter Earth. We are highly advanced but there are still many species from very distant planets that still cannot travel to Earth because of the distance, so these stargates with attached wormholes are a great benefit.

You must also know that this is not only a benefit to light beings or Earth visitors but in time they shall also be used by humans. There are some that were found long ago, solid structures that were being used from various exit and entry points in the orient, Europe, South America and the Middle East. Babylon had the most amount of entry and exit points and the first solid structure was created and kept there. There are now several still intact and in working order in China and Japan but the main one that was kept in Babylon has been taken by the dark brotherhood and thankfully they have not been able to understand how it works.

Humans would also use those stargates, especially during the times of Atlantis. Pythagoras and Jesus used those stargates many times during their visits to Lyra where they were taught by the masters what to teach on Earth.

Many stargates need to be opened to allow the consciousness of the kingdom to enter Earth reality so when you feel you are making holes in the false matrix you are in fact opening stargates.

The more stargates that are opened, the more messages you shall receive from your universal brothers and sisters and these can come in the form of crop circles.

I want to talk to you about the stargates that are opened by the performance of the hieros gamos. Through uniting body with body, soul with soul, heart with heart and mind with mind, the stargates that are opened link up a direct connection with the divine. The energies of the divine are projected to Earth as the hieros gamos energies are sent out into the cosmos as a signal that goes on until eternity, through all time and space, through all dimensions and through all directions. This love signal reverberates of all plants and constellations and resounds throughout the universe.

As the divine husband I can tell you that this signal is a calling to all beings in all lands to unite their yin and yang energies and project these energies back to Earth to create the balance that is so lacking there.

The divine phallic energies penetrate the divine yoni energies and all that hear the signal begin to merge with their higher selves. Those who are the chosen representations of me and Inanna on Earth create a rhythm of a frequency which vibrate off each human being and reminds them to find the balance within themselves and unite the male and female within. Their love and their love making reignites the language of one-ness and unity and all twin flames understand this language and feel a yearning and a desire to mate with their twin flames to create this same melody. This is the song of the gods. This is the Song of Solomon. This hexagram in cosmic form is the seal which keeps all negative beings at bay and protects humanity from hate.

Each time they make love they merge with their true selves and instigate a chain reaction event in their lives where they begin to understand the kingdom and live within a life where they do not know pain or hunger or need or poverty. As the Kingdom energies penetrate Earth reality and enter through these Vesica Piscis stargates, Earth shall begin to live that truth that there is no pain or hunger or wars or need.

So my message to you, our children, is to think before you are told by man to open stargates. Who will enter should you open these stargates? Are you ready to deal with the energies you are inviting? We love you and we want to protect you as well as teach you to be wise in the choices you make.”

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