Babalon Speaks: Matrix of Ophion

The golden chalice is waiting to be filled by the sons of Venus.
It is waiting for the one who wears the symbol of Alexander,
The serpent sign that expresses the beginning of the new aeon
For I am the Mother of the Aeon and the Bride
And I wait for the rightful son to return
And take his fill of my Morning Star.

My womb awaits the seed
Of the Son of the Dawn.
My womb awaits the Serpent Master
Who shall unite all nations
And create a new world
And a new order
According to the divine laws.

Ophion, having been bested
And granted his powers to the champion
And hero of the gods.
Infused with the hero is Ophion
And he is rising from the depths of Atlantis.

Ophion, Ophion, Rise.
Come to the surface and send your message
To the children of the star.
Open the one eye of the children of the star
And guide them to your wisdom.

Release your blood into the holy womb
That is the chalice of life
And empty yourself completely
So that I may drink it and nourish the growing world
Attached to my body.

The celestial vibrations are showering down on those
Who are looking for their mother
And who have not forgotten her.
Do not follow the false one, the false prophet
Who can only lead you to destruction.

Remember that cycles must be broken
And there are some who are chosen to break those cycles
As all play a role in the bringing in of the new world.
Allow the divine plan to fulfill itself
And unfold itself before your very eyes.
You may not understand the reasons
But have faith that not all things are as they seem
And tools may be ugly yet they get the job done.

Earth is nearing the precipice of realization
And those who are meant to awaken to my love
And my wisdom are doing so.
Remember that you are my children
When you recollect who I am
And come to me for shelter and transformation.

The light expands across the universe
And Venus is pouring her insides onto the outsides of you
But is also permeating the nectar of my mysteries
Through the spine of your knowledge
Adding to you, bettering you, making you become
The divine walking upon the Earth.

Nothing is lost in my eyes
And so neither any of you are lost.
I cannot find that which is not lost
And neither can you find me for I am not lost.
You just have to remember your yearning to return to me
And remember how much I hold you all
Within the caverns of my heart.

A new chapter is afoot
A new beginning.
The plan has changed to suit the times.
Be ready for the new calling
And be open to receiving the light
That I will send to you upon each New Moon.

I give to my daughter who is my voice who is 1506
The Hellenic Fire to disperse among you.
Take these frequencies and eat them
And ingest them well. They are the keys
To Sophic salvation and to the doors
Of my heart.

But let it be known that he that I speak of comes as a messenger
For me.
He comes to bring the Good News of my Liturgy and Doctrine.
The importance I stress is on balance
And of raising my existence in the minds of humanity.
This is my decree and let no man change my words.




Art by Jake Baddeley

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