Do People Need Religion? From Zeniel Melchizedek

I feel the words of Lord Zeniel Melchizedek tumbling into my thoughts and I feel the essence of the subject which he wishes to speak about and this is religion and if humanity needs religion or not. For reference and understanding, you can read more about Zeniel Melchizedek by clicking on the following links:

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The New World – Channeling from Lemuria

This channeling comes from Lord Zeniel Melchizedek who is the Head High Priest of Lemuria. He has asked me to share with humanity something that we had been told some time ago but certain things had to happen visually to Earth in order for the readers to accept his words.

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The High Priest of Lemuria – Lord Zeniel Melchizedek

The land of Lemuria is right here on Earth and I have felt it’s vibrations and that of its High Priests and Priestesses for a very long time if not all of my life. There are many humans throughout history who have been drawn to the enigma of this ancient place and people and who have tried and succeeded in connecting with the frequencies of Mu. I am also one of those people yet what I have learned during my meetings with the Lemurians does not come from any book or what someone has told be but what they have taught me themselves.

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