The Lapis Tablets of Thoth

From the distance, as if through a tunnel, I began to hear a chanting. Slowly, it became louder so that I could understand what was being said.

“Ka…Ba…Ren…Sheut… Lb…Akh…Ka…Ba…Ren…Sheut… Lb…Akh…”

I closed my eyes and allowed the chanting to enter my whole being. Moving into a deep trance, all around me was dark and I could no longer hear the chanting. After some time, the chanting began and as it did so, a small orb of light appeared in front of me and the more the words were chanted, the more the orb grew…bigger, and bigger until it filled my entire vision and then I heard a whisper that said,

“The Word is Spoken; Let there be LIGHT!”

In front of me stood a very tall man who I know very well as he is one of my main guides. He was wearing the mask of the Ibis and he took it off and smiled at me. This is the Great God Thoth, the master of the mysteries.

Lord Thoth was holding a book and when he opened this book, 12 tablets made of Lapis Lazuli floated out and landed on a table that formed in that instant. And then a chair appeared and a stylus made of pure gold.

I was asked to sit down at the table and to pick up the stylus and begin writing what he told me and I did as he told me. Below you will find the result of his words:

“I who speak with the words of the Light, bring to you this message of consequence.
Let it be known that as you, humanity, leave your current age and enter into the new one,
The aeon shall open to claim you all like a mouth and you shall be swallowed whole.
As you enter into the canyon of not knowing, you shall be shown your destiny
Upon the scroll of the stars.

You, humanity, are passing through the throes of chaos,
Riding on the ark of direction and order.
All that is occuring in your world is in alignment with the divine plan
One that I have written and unwritten, one that I have created and uncreated
Recited to me by the one true Queen of all existence.
For I am the messenger of the One, the instigator and originator of you all.

On this ark there are seven sails and each sail shall rise as you pass each dimension
As you pass into the new aeon.
Around you are monsters and Angels
Surrounding you are hopes and fears
Illusions and nightmares.
It is up to you to discern which is reality
And which is false.
The matrix is the place of life but it is also the place of death
And the life you shall gain due to discerning truth
And death of Wisdom you shall gain by choosing falsely.

The stars are singing your names;
Each one dedicated to your soul
Each star a mirror of you in the celestial vaults.
These stars are your guides and within you exists their essence.
Allow them to direct you to the right answers. Trust in your inner self,
Trust in your divine self, the authentic self that is mightier than your material world
That is mightier than those who have placed themselves as your gods
The ones who try to cover your eyes with shadows,
The ones who try to tell you that they are lambs
But who are truly wolves waiting to devour your mind.

For this is a challenge and a battle of wits;
You truly are fighting for your conscious
And as they try to pull your heart and minds apart with their games,
With their agendas,
Remember that your star is above you and your star knows the truth
And this is all that you should ever listen to.

Turn away from the material gods, the false idols, the ones who show you that they care,
And raise your third eyes to the sky and your root selves to the core of the Earth. Remain grounded.
All is revealed within the DNA of your beings and within the source of light that eternally burns
Throughout your essence.
Go within. Go within and see the truth of the without.

I, Thoth, father of your civilization, speak to you from the vibrations of Atlantis.
From Atlantis you came and to Atlantis you shall go
For there you shall receive your memories of all that you were,
All that you are and all that you shall come to be as the human family.
And as your human grid of vibrations merges with the crystalline grid of Atlantis,
Your true selves, your higher selves shall become crystalline.
The electromagnetic frequencies are transforming you,
Those of you who are not falling under the enchantment of the dark ones
And as the Earth’s magnetic North Pole continues to shift and evolve
You shall be finely attuned to its course and direction.

From the soil you came and within that soil is the crystal pyramids
And from this you are formed.
Be ready to leap forward in time and to become the time travellers that you are
On a conscious level.

Adamante, Adamante, Adamante! Allow the life force to flow through you
That is also flowing through the cosmos and through your Earth levels.
Be open to becoming warriors, sages, medicine givers and soul healers.
What you are now is not comparable to the metamorphosis of the end result of you.

The tender kiss of the heart of the soul keeps you shifting closer to truth.
Truth is the light and all come from love
But to know love you must become love
And to become love you must remember your right to be human
And your right to be a human with a soul
And that means to never lose faith in your own divinity
No matter how many times you are told that this is false.

I told you that I would return again and I have done
Numerous times but you were not all aware.
I told you that I would come to write your names
On the script of the future
But not all of you were aware.
I told you about the egg that will rebirth a new world for you
But not all of you were aware of the world you live in now
And many of you have been floating on the energies of the abyss
And taken from this place to that
On the wind of the false gods.
I tell you now that you are all gods
For you come from the ALL
And the ALL is you and you are the ALL.

Soon there is coming the masters of the skies
Their Queen is Venus, the mother of you all
But the masters that come are the master of time,
Of law, of discipline, of teaching
And the master of destruction and of giving and of clearing away;
He is the master of the purge that must cleanse your conscious of the lies
And of the dark magicians so that the truth can come to light
And so that your world can become the new world
And this is the final cleansing of Atlantis
That was told to you of old.

The ancients are returning as yourselves and as your children
So remember what you were told regarding little children.
You are their guides and children and not their dictators or tyrants;
Do not choose for them; allow them to choose and then direct them and keep them safe.
You do not know better than what their souls know. They have come to show you
What you do not know.

The Lapis Gate of 11:11 is opening further
And you are evolving into its space.
Hold on to all that you know is love
And you shall arrive at your journey’s end
What is the new world and the true Atlantis
Mentally, emotionally and spiritually intact.

Remember these words;
Remember these words of I who am Thoth.
Count your blessings and allow the Lapis gate of 11:11
To open up within you.
You see, you are all gateways. Entrances and exits.
You are all crystalline in time
For stored within you are the mysteries of the universe
And the meaning of life itself
And the mathematical structure of divine science
Is a wisdom that you possessed.

But I tell you know my brothers and sisters
That you must walk within the straight line of the light
Towards the middle of the belly of life
And for balance of all and within
You must embrace the Mother of all creation
Along with the Father of all seeds.
Balance is the key that shall open the door to peace
And illumination.

Do not fool yourselves into believing that any one of you
Is above or below any of your brothers or sisters;
You are all human equally though some souls are younger
And older than others.
This is your food of wisdom to eat
That will keep you in maintaining your humility
For only the humble can hear the words of me
And the words of the ALL
And only the humble can see the true light
And not the false light that is used as a net
To capture to arrogant and the self appointed gods of your domain.

Hold aloft your lights as you walk through the dim roads to Atlantis
But alternative between being seen and unseen.
Use your intuition to know what time is right.
Place your hands on your hearts
For they are the compasses of Atum
Making love with the Morning Star.
And this is the gift I give to you,
That of knowledge and truth
But also the challenge to become what you truly are
As children of the Morning Star.

Borrow the throat of the Earth Star
She who I have sent to you to bring you to your destination
And speak the words of the ancients by studying their works
And keeping them sacred and away from the profane.

You are each pearls of wisdom that is making a chain of freedom
And should you remain intact and cooperative with each other
You shall never fall or be enslaved again.
You are the Masters of Light;
You are the Children of the Divine.
You are gods. I bless you.”

I see the words spoken to me by Lord Thoth now written on ten Lapis Lazuli tablets which tells me that there is more to come and more to add and I am happy to wait for further instruction when the time comes and Lord Thoth calls on me again to write more guidance to humanity…


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