2021: Staff of Hermes

I would like to be the bringer of good tidings for the New Year 2021, but as my previous channeling for 2020 that announced the difficulties that were in store for humanity, this message is tinged with problems as you will understand while reading the channeling.

I had previously been told that 31st December was a significant date and when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, I felt a huge drop in the energy levels on Earth. I immediately felt a shift taking place and a blanket of ‘smog’ covered our consciousness. We are not out of the woods just yet but this year will not be all doom and gloom.

I am unusually late to deliver my annual message to you. This is partly due to not having the time because of the healings and readings I have to perform but it is also because the message wasn’t ‘cooked’ yet and wasn’t ready to share with all of you. Now I and the message are ready and I wish you all love and blessings and thank you for journeying with me during this epic and historical era of our human history.

“Before I give you the message that you await I will first give you some lessons as a father to his children. I am Marduk. I am Apollo. I am the bringer of order to chaos and I am trying to empower this to all of you, to bring order to your own personal chaos.

Each of your lifetimes is like a candle that burns with a steady flame and each candle represents time itself and the years, hours, minutes and seconds you spend in each lifetime. There is also a candle burning for earthly events which has its own lifespan. Each event that takes place on Earth is represented by a flame that burns until it has completed its cycle. The same can be said using an hourglass as an example. Every event has its place and every event is part of the merging of the New World with your present one.

I have explained to you all before that everything happens for a reason and every thing that takes place has a meaning and a lesson attached to it and it is important that you are able to take the lessons and use them for your own advantage. There is no meaning to wallow in self pity and cry “woe is me”; however current world events have affected your life, you have to sit down and ask yourself how this can benefit your Earthly and soul education and quiz yourself about how you can use this hiccup to your advantage. You have to make the most of a bad situation. What can you learn about yourself? What can you learn about life? How can you use this experience to better your life?

Many of you have become spoiled and want instant gratification; you do not want to wait or be patient or have any delays. You want everything RIGHT NOW.

Many of you are ‘put out’ that the events of 2020 have disrupted your lives and there are people who are upset by this disruption who previously touted that they wanted change in the world and called for the overthrow of the evil elite. I ask you, do you think that to do such a thing can be achieved without disrupting your daily routine? How can you expect or want for the dark brotherhood to de-dethroned when you are complaining about your days being disturbed by what is happening right now? I regret to inform you that those wanting a new and free world are unwilling to make the personal sacrifices needed to oust those who master you and who play a big hand in ensuring that your life is exactly as you want it to be.

You cry that you are living in chains right now when you were never totally free and you know this but you were happy to go about each day as normal, believing that your previous lifestyle meant freedom because to really believe otherwise would be a major inconvenience. You are like birds who sit in cages with an open door but complain that you are prisoners and complain that you are mastered by others in power while that door to your cage is wide open. It takes courage to be a free human being. It takes even more courage to accept your divinity and make sacrifices. Let the story of the life of Jesus be an example of a god-man, which all of you are, who took the courage to leave the cage through the open door and sacrificed his comfort to do so. This reminds me of those who condemn Jesus or even deny his existence as they are prime examples of those who are intimidated by his courage and his sacrifice so it is better to hate and deny than awaken the Christ self and storm the gates.

And now I will continue with my message for your Earth year, 2021.

You have been told so many times that the need for balance between the sacred feminine and masculine is paramount for Earth harmony and fair rule. You have been advised to raise the Goddess within the consciousness of humanity and yet many of you continue to obsess over the male god and many continue to use the left side, the feminine, as a weapon for political and personal gain.

Right now, I call on my sons particularly to fight for the rights of women and I am not speaking about this corrupted and perverse form that I abhor. I ask you, my sons, to raise the sacred feminine and fight for a woman’s right to BE A WOMB-AN! You are aware of what is happening in your world right now and how the place of women is being overtaken and her rights as a woman is being stepped on. I implore you to bow down to your Mother, discard and surrender your beastly natures and raise her up higher than all universes. This has been the need and request from the beginning of these messages delivered to you by our daughter and bride, Nanaea.

Sadly, some of you do not listen. You skulk away like cowards and lose yourselves in the stories of the male god alone. I cannot be your father if you do not love and liberate your mother from the chains of the dark brotherhood who are using her essence to empower their evil agendas. I counted on you and you let me down. Those of you who love her and seek her I thank you and bless you.

And so this is part of the cure for 2021, to spend time raising the consciousness of the mother and defending and standing for women’s rights.

Some of you may have felt the shift taking place which is an energy shift. You may feel like you are wading through sludge and that it is hard to be motivated or inspired to carry out your daily chores and dedicate to your spiritual growth and education.

This heaviness will be with you for some time. There are many planets crowding which is needed to bring grounding vibrations to you but on the negative side, it’s heaviness can be overwhelming.

This energy shift hit humanity like a tsunami and will continue to be an issue and so it is imperative that you continue to cleanse your Chakras twice daily to ensure that you are filtering toxins and note that your Chakras are going to have to work extra hard during the first 3 months of this new year.

The first three months of 2021 will be particularly difficult. You will have fear tactics thrown at you from all directions and this is to break you down mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

As you have been told previously in a message delivered by our Nanaea, Saturn and Pluto are united in bringing a huge global shift which you are already living through so it is only logical to expect more upheavals and what you are primarily feeling is the Hand of Saturn that is working in your favour though it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Traditions, both cultural and societal, are the important backbone for human civilization. They ensure that history is not lost, empower the uniting of humanity for various events and maintain the family unit. Saturn is a traditionalist and he is fighting on behalf of humanity to keep these structures while there are other opposing groups who are hell-bent on destroying these structures and at the same time trying to maintain the power of the dark brotherhood and their false matrix.

They try to push that freedom means the release from traditions and traditional structures while this is a guise to split the family unit and societal family that unites humanity and makes them powerful. What they are pushing is division and the strengthening of the structural power of the dark brotherhood’s grasp on your lives.

These traditions include the roles of men and women in the world and to each other and rather than empowering the truth that men and women are co-workers and the co-builders of society, they encourage the thought pattern that women do not need men and that men are toxic to women and to society. Ask any mother of a son or any daughter of a father if this is true.

The battle for global power is spiritual, global and universal. As Above, So Below so keep your eye on the movements of the celestial bodies to understand what is or will take place on Earth.

It is hard but it is important that you stay strong because it will begin to wane and by the summer, the way will be clearer and the pressure will be less.

You will have to get used to the many, many energy shifts that are going to take place during 2021 and unlike it is preached by the so-called spiritual teachers of your world, not all energy shifts mean sunshine and rainbows. They are hard work and you have to be ready to work through them.

As I mentioned, take advantage of the situation you are now in; find the opportunities in bad situations; you are now forced to sit and slow down while before, life was passing you by and time meant nothing. It really is the time to contemplate and reflect which you would never have had this opportunity to do, otherwise.

You are going to get through this but now I must speak to you as adults and not as children anymore. I cannot give you truth coated in honey but the truth coated in truth so that you can be prepared.

And now my beloved children, your mother wishes to speak to you.”

Goddess Inanna: “The north wind blows and the sky is shaking. The messengers of light are descending into their awaiting avatar vessels. They are the bringers of illumination and the openers of the gates of the golden age, birthed from my womb for they listened to my call and loved me and suckled at my breasts.

To my son and my divine groom, I call to you to stand up and find me within my Venus on Earth. Nanaea is waiting for you to fulfil the prophecy of the gods and complete the next chapter of the divine plan.

To you, my Neo, I give the Staff of Hermes so that you may command dragons and lead the way into the Age of Aquarius. Become the Staff so that you may Ride the Beast with your beloved and weather the storms of the dark brotherhood.

To you my children, the sun grants you his blessings and I, Venus, grant you Eros and fire to forge the weapons gifted to you by the gods to make the way forward to the new world you have been told about and which you are entering.

You cannot create a new world by living in an imbalanced society and all must acknowledge that they have both a mother and a father who produce the divine family which are all of you. This is the template for life and a successful civilization.

So you must EAT YOUR MANNA! Eat the sacred bread and spirit given to you from my body to be fulfilled with the prophecy and the holy fire of destiny! Your missions are complete when you have awoken to speaking about me.

Disregard any who call me The Whore or speak about my priestesshood as an unholy place. They are ignorant and burning in their own words. I have abandoned them as they have abandoned me. They are traitors and fallen statues. No longer shall they break my heart. They are dust to me. They make love to the beast that resides within and they have stepped on the Crowns I gave to them.

Only fill your mouths with words of your love for me and let the universe know that I am your Queen and your shelter from the darkness. I love you as a mother loves her babes, as a bride loves her groom.

You are able to walk through these wars on your mind. You are well equipped to defeat any fear they throw at you. You are my children. You are gods. You will WIN!”






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