The Hand of Saturn: A Prophecy

“Seat thyself sultanically among the moons of Saturn”
― Herman Melville

I feel the words pouring into my head and hear the words ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Saturn.’ I then heard the voice and it is the voice of god Marduk, the divine groom of Inanna who is Venus. I close my eyes and see him and he puts his finger gently under my chin so that I may look up and see into his eyes and I see the whole universe and all it’s worlds though my words cannot explain it. It is about knowing what is in his eyes that project as a sight in mine.

I realize then that we are standing on a mountain and he tells me that this mountain is called “The House of Justice.” He raises his left hand and sweeps it across the sky and brings down twelve stars that become smaller as they descend. The twelve stars begin to circle around us and rotate. He explains that these are the masters that shall be born on Earth during various times of the future and with them shall come teachings that will help change the conscious of humanity.

God Marduk then asks me to look down and I see below us is a body of water. He lifts his right hand slowly and a small island rises out of the water. He tells me that this is a piece, a ‘spore’ of the Atlantis that once was. He then begins to speak to me:

“My Nanaea, my love, you have heard of the stories surrounding Atlantis and you have already been told that the conscious of Atlantis is returning to Earth. This mountain where we stand, this House of Justice, is Atlantis. And I tell you that the sign of balance is coming and this is the cross within the circle. This symbol represents the equality of all humankind in alignment with the divine gods of whom you represent. You shall know when the time has come when you see this sign shining in your skies. The creatures of the Earth are already gathering their knowledge and leading the way back to Eden. when I speak of Eden I am speaking about a way of living that was once part of Atlantean life. It was a way of living and being where all life was respected. Do you remember learning about the cross on the cakes baked and served for the Goddess Inanna? They were the signs during those times that it had begun but you shall see this once again.

For the cross within the circle, not one can bring imbalance or corruption to the holy ways that the children of the gods are bound by blood and soul to follow. East, West, North and South all shall be in total union and obedience to each other and should one or more try to create imbalance then they shall be thrown outside of the cross within the circle.

And I, who am the center of the axis within the womb of Ananke, am descending my might to bring order back to the chaos in order for the new world to complete its merging with the physical Earth. All shall know me as Saturn under the direction of my bride.

You are well aware that you have a coven that houses those of who have descended from the black magicians of Atlantis who are turning the natural into the unnatural and who are forcing their hand. The people of the Earth have become godless, immoral and unethical in their way of living. They have fallen into the mind games of the black magicians and become arrogant in their decaying skin suits. The leaders of the major religions have corrupted the ways of the wise and their teachings and allowed the unseen forces of evil to become seen and material in their places of worship. But you have been told about the new liturgy that shall come that shall unite all as well as the order bring brought to this chaos.

The Hand of Saturn does not have any sense of guilt; it simply has its job to do and acts upon its instinct as it is a governing force of the universe when there is need for cleansing. I tell you that the cleansing shall begin.

When the man has been put above the woman and when the woman has been put above the man it is clear that the people have lost their direction and are going against nature and the divine laws. Woman and man express the reflection of the ALL God who is both male and female and androgynous. Look at this word, Nanaea: ANDRO = MAN. GY = WOMAN. NOUS = MIND. This is expressed by the cross within the circle. The world you live in is now trying to surgically express the androgynous externally when the expression is purely INTERNAL. No human can reach the androgynous state of consciousness by externally altering themselves and neither can this be brought into existence through forcing it in the material. And again, this is the safety feature of the cross within the circle.

Now I want to explain to you that Saturn is one of the best teachers; Saturn is the wise old sage, the ancient philosopher of the universe who brings such cleansing about in order to pour the teachings into the student. As you know, those who call themselves ‘enlightened’ are so full of their own ego ideas that they cannot receive the mysteries in their true form and they cannot learn anything new which of course is ancient.

When humanity has come to the point of complete inner turmoil and inner chaos that they have thrown to the wind all ideas of self discipline, direction, faith, acting from the heart which are all the basic foundations for a balanced existence then Saturn must step in and teach each individual about these things personally and as a collective consciousness.

And so though Saturn may be a difficult teacher to please, he ensures that the teachings are set in place after the detoxing is complete. The skythe that is in the hand of Saturn depicted in art expresses how he ‘cuts’ out the ‘negative’ in order to create cleansed and fertile vessels for the seeds of teaching.

Many are not living from the heart; many are living from the ego; many have become so consumed by the outer, physical that they have lost touch with the inner, spiritual. They try to please the ego by morphing the outer instead of morphing the inner to gain peace and happiness. Imagine how this affects the rest of the frequencies in the universe and of course, each other. Those who are in power are feeding this outer mania as it takes people further away from the inner soul and their own divine nature, to make them forget what is important and real, teaching them to worship that which decays and dies. All humans are living idols of the divine because their souls make up a human but the living part is what is inside and this is expressed to the outside.

To those who say, “If I change this about my body, then I will be happy.” my answer is that they will never be happy and they will never be content. Unless the inner is changed and the form given is loved as it was created for you in its exactness then you will never be happy and content; you will always look for something else to change about your physical appearance because the outer can never be manipulated surgically to match the inner for their is nothing that can match the beauty of the soul.

And so, when people are so filled with what they think they know and preoccupied with the outer and material they must be cleansed of the ‘junk’ that leaves no room for reach knowledge and wisdom. It is easy to understand how this is playing out in your world as the more the focus is on the material and the outer the less focus is on the spirit and the inner which is creating a faithless, godless civilization.

All of this has happened before during the times Atlantis when the people worshiped the physical and disregarded their knowledge of the soul. We do not wish for this to repeat and so we support the coming of the Hand of Saturn to cleanse and cut out the rot.

There are many misguided who try to equate Saturn with the created ‘devil’ who is known as ‘Satan’. Let me tell you now that any who say this is guilty of blasphemy. Why do they say this? I shall explain. Saturn is the teacher who brings hard lessons and there are harder lessons for those so engrossed and in ‘love’ with their ego and ego ways. Saturn cuts the ego and brings discipline and how many can love such a conscious? And so they scream, “Saturn, you devil! You Satan!” because their egos are trembling for their ego’s know its time has come and the lessons are being put in place but I tell you now that there is no bargaining with Saturn; Saturn is not a scapegoat and nothing you offer can bribe him from acting because Saturn wants for nothing. No ego wants to let go of its ways; no ego wants to be weeded out like a parasite and disciplined; it wants to wallow and squat inside the enigma of the soul, sitting on its throne in a person’s mind and dictating to them their thoughts and actions. To the ego, Saturn IS a devil but as you know, the expression of the ego are an illusion and so are all its ways.

Nations are also egoistic; nations are also arrogant. Where there is chaos there shall be order. Where there is false conduct and agendas to negate truth there shall be truth empowered. This is the time of reckoning and the ones who empower faithlessness, material worship and rejection of the soul, even ignorantly, shall be cleansed. This is the law of the universe; where there is cause their is effect and there is the opposite pole in order to bring balance. This is the epitome of karma.

In all things that occur the Mother, Venus, is the instigator. Venus who is love, the soul and the Queen of the mysteries combinds herself in the divine marriage with saturn who is law, time, and a vehicle to implant teachings and must needed lessons. Venus, who is also expressed as Aphrodite Pandemos who is the Goddess of society, reacts when society has moved away from living from the heart and the beauty of the soul. When society has become obsessed with material worship and this affects the relations of all, she awakens Saturn to cleanse in order to re-balance. When society abuses the gift of love making and channel it into lust which manifests the energies of the abyss onto the Earth, Aphrodite Pandemos ignites the divine desire in Saturn to act. In truth, Love (Venus) IS the law and if this law is broken then the bringer of balance is activated. For this is the reason why she is also Binah according to the Jewish philosophers for she brings knowledge and understanding when in her Saturnian aspect, bringing the ability to all to discern the truth from the false. From her womb comes the new world that she raises to rest upon her.

As Binah she limits the ideals that have limited barriers as she is the limitless and infinite force and empowers growth through discipline. This means that those who try to limit someone’s connection with the universe, their divine selves and the divine self are to be limited by her for they hinder the limitless of others. She is Aphrodite as Psyche or the Athena that merged from the head of Zeus. To say that the nous is not also feminine is a lie; this is a perfect ideal to limit.

The Eye of Saturn is now focused on Earth and it shall stretch out its hand to where the eye sees.

Returning to the subject of Atlantis which is to what the Earth is returning to, it is the Eden, the Nibiru, the Holy of Holies, the foundation of heaven and Earth, the belly button or the Mesomphalos; it is the central, the middle of human civilization on Earth and for this why I explain that the cross within the circle is the symbol of its return for this is the symbol of the Mesomphalos, where all polarities meet and where all is equal with no possibility of imbalance.

All nations are equal; all people are equal; there is not one nation that is above the other and what each nation experiences is also equal to their karmic debt. There is no chosen nation and there is no bias or favouritism. Whatever matrices are chosen to expand consciousness is in no way connected with them being above or below any other; it is simply a vehicle for change. Cultures should all be preserved but the pushing and projecting of one over the other is not acceptable. Embrace and learn from each other for beauty is in the traditions of each which are ancient.

And now I leave you to contemplate on my words and study the patterns given to you in the messages, Nanaea. All must live from the heart otherwise they choose not to live. I love you, my Melitta.





“Zain is the path connecting Binah (the Sephira of “understanding/truth”) with Tiphereth
(the Sephira of “beauty/harmony”). You as Zain are an embodiment of the sword: a
symbol of the uprising of truth. Because the Tree is an emanation process (an unfolding
story through the Sephiroth), this path is the embodiment of Binah receiving the
projective force of the previous sephira (Chokmah – “wisdom”) and connecting that to
Tiphererth at the center of the Tree of Life. Tiphereth is the Sephira of the sun and is the
main connection between the Divine and the mundane. Zain links Truth and Beauty.”

-The Alchemy of Holism






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