Mary Magdalene: The Co-Saviour

Mary Magdalene: “And now you are ready to hear the rest of the true story of Jesus and me. You are also ready to share it; it is time. You are ripe and you are ready and the life of fertility runs through you.

In the days when I met Jesus, I was, as you know, not a prostitute but I was a priestess to Astarte who was worshipped alongside Asherah and many times they were worshipped together as one, as the Mother and the Daughter. Yes; you heard me right; Mother and Daughter. I want you to think about what you know about Demeter and Persephone. Think about what you know about Ninmah and Inanna.”

I begin to cry because I know this story for it is something I was born knowing but have waited for the words to come and confirm all that I was brought into this world knowing.

“Do not cry. Shhh, my girl. It is ok. All truth sets you free. I will continue and you will continue to write what I say. You are my scribe and I honour you.

As I said, in the days when I met Jesus I was a priestess to Astarte and her Mother Asherah. Jesus had come to the temple seeking the mysteries of the sacred feminine, the ancient ways of the Goddess. Know that I had been told by my Goddess that the other part of me would come looking for me one day and I was to go and create a movement with him in honour of humanity and their ascension process out of slavery. I had already been trained by the Goddess on how I would connect with him and how we were incarnations of the gods of the past and we were to begin their story once again.

What matters is that I share with you and all that Jesus was not alone in his ministry; in fact, I was his source of wisdom and we began the movement, also known as The Way, together.

Our aim was to teach humble and ignorant people the way to see through the created reality of the patriarchs, those who had manifested an illusion that did not contain the sacred feminine energy for in doing so, society had become lost and were looking for a godhead to worship. In their confusion and need to belong, they were easy to manipulate into the false thinking that God was a man and that the Goddess was a mean and hateful evil that plagued the land.

In fact, their own movement was a virus on the people which induced subconscious desperation and unstable spirituality that did not reflect on the true divine nature of the gods or the creator but only mirrored the fractured source of what was man-made and man imposed.

So we created a doorway out of the madness of ignorance and we taught and educated the simplest of people the mysteries so that they could see with true eyes and not through the veiled impressions imposed upon them by the religious leaders of that time.

Please know that this sickness was not only occurring in Jerusalem but had spread all over the world and the dark ones intended for it to be secured into place by all means necessary.

We began teaching in small groups as we wanted to create teachers of The Way who could demonstrate to others in simplistic languages how they too could be free of the non-divine shackles of the dark masters.

So I say to you, dearest daughter, that Jesus was my soul. In other words, so that you understand, he was my soul consort, my Twin Flame, the one I had been born to be with and create The Way with. We had journeyed to Earth and incarnated around the same time as me arriving first and being slightly older than he. The reason for this was so that my maturity could guide him with the utmost accuracy, as I became his mother, his lover, his sister and his best friend. He was my student and I was his. I taught him the ways of the sacred woman through lovemaking and through wisdom and he taught me the sacred ways of the sacred man through mental stimulation.

When you think with a logical mind, you can understand that the mysteries must be taught by the manifestations of the God and Goddess in matter though some of his students would argue that to be accepted by society, I, as a woman, must play the role of second rather than an equal. But we did not go to Earth to align with what society wanted but to teach a new way of being and this can only come through being the examples of true balance.

Many nights as Jesus and I lay together, discussing the future of the movement, he would tell me how he felt he could not continue our ministry, that he did not feel strong enough to battle the religious leader which he knew would eventually plot to kill him. He would cry in my arms from pure exasperation but always I gave him courage and reminded him why we were on Earth.

Jesus tried to protect me from the officials. He knew that when the time came, they would stone me and murder me, too. So my beloved took all the accusations and kept my own involvement in The Way in the shadows, though Peter knew, of course, and tried to throw my work into the light but the Romans were not afraid of a ‘mere woman’ who they thought could and would have no impact on society. Jesus also needed to keep me alive for it is I who would resurrect him, as the tradition has been since the beginning of human history.

I was crucified in other ways. Seeing my beloved nailed to a cross crucified my soul. I felt his pain. I experienced every nail that went through his skin, flesh and bone. It was my blood that was spilt. It was my breath they took. I kept whispering to him,

“The beginning is near.”

And he would nod and not say a word and just look into my eyes, putting all his trust in my hands, hoping that everything I said would happen and that he would rise again to be with me. And though I had so much faith in the gods, I was afraid and inside my own bones crumbled to dust through the fear of losing him because if I could not resurrect him and have him with me again, I would also surely die.

We did not call ourselves saviours. We could not save humanity. Only humanity can do this. All we could do was open the doors to freedom through the teaching of the mysteries for you must understand that to overcome their mind tricks, you must learn what they know and what they use against you and win, due to your ignorance to the divine ways.

I was the co-creator of the movement and the co-manifestor in bringing the kingdom to Earth. We did not create the church as you know it today. It is very important that you understand that the Jews were and still are working with the Roman Empire which is now the major churches of your world today and that is the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

Know that you will not be saved through the church but you can be saved FROM the church through the mysteries of the sacred union of the male and female manifestations of the creator. So, if you wish to find salvation because it is part of what you need, then you could say that you can find it also through me and not Jesus but I impress to you again that salvation comes through the balance of both the polarities collapsing onto one-ness within you.

It is true; we were avatars of the Venus Goddess and Solar god, just as you are. We understood our responsibility and sacrifice in order to work towards the divine plan which was to free the hearts and minds of the people for slavery is not shackles and chains on the human body but it is the cages that are placed around the mind from outside mind vibrations.

So if you believe that the direction is male, you are wrong. If you feel that the leader is a male god. You are wrong. The leader of truth and divinity is the Father, Mother, Son and Daughter in no particular order, both with equal importance. The merging forces of male and female are what leads for only this can enable you to consciously feel your oneness with the creator of ALL.

I do not tell you these words because I crave glory to my name or praise. I tell you these words to bring awareness of the importance of balance and the Goddess and sacred feminine into the minds of humanity for without it; there is no salvation and no resurrection.

We are both the anointed ones; we are both from Chrestos, for without Jesus there would not have been me and if there was not me there would not have been Jesus. What we taught is what brings salvation. Not from the hell below you but the hell of your world.


Art: Katmary


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