Christic Frequency Keys: Apollo-Eros Speaks

During a very powerful vision I was visited by god Apollo. He appeared at first like a white statue but when I touched him, he became alive and he glowed a golden light as he always does when I see him. I looked on his chest and in the middle of his chest was a heart-shaped rose which had the word ‘Eros’ written upon it.

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The Astral Light – The False Light

Goddess Inanna: “My daughter I will explain to you the meaning of the ‘Astral Light’. When people talk about the veil or seeing past the veil, it means seeing what is beyond the astral light for you see, the astral light is everything that is superficial which covers the esoteric meaning of the mysteries which is the soul and the core and the root of all light and love.

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The Charge of Inanna by Helen Demetriou

This charge has been channeled from the Goddess Inanna and can be used by the Priest/Priestess to open and/or close their ritual. It can be used as a prayer, for meditation purposes and for bringing the reader closer to the Goddess. Please respect these words as they are divine in origin and always remember to give the credit to the author should you wish to publish it to your website or blog.

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