Ashtar Command: The Cosmic Order of Knights

Humanity does not want to be told anything that is a reality. They do not want to face that which makes them feel uncomfortable and when they hear or read a reality they condemn it, clam that it is not from the light, simply because they cannot cope with it. I would even go as far as to say that humanity is allergic to truth and so they accept a truth that does not force them to wake up and look reality in the face. This is why you are so easy control because you are placated with illusions that do not force you to open your eyes but to live in an oblivion of lies. You are living within the reality of an illusion yet this illusion is still a reality. This illusion is created by those who have erected the false matrix on Earth because they are not afraid of reality as they are the ones creating realities. Can you understand now how your fear has enslaved you?

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The Origins of the Human Avatar by Lord Enki

The populace of power is the order of a nation. The remains of all that was is used to re create a new and renovated structure. Do not think that things are discarded and forgotten about. All the materials are recycled and transmuted to create a new kind of existence which is then implemented on Earth. Each time a new age enters into your consciousness it is created using all the same energies that belonged to the previous age. It is the same for the soul. You return to Earth, the same souls, only with a different body.

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