2018: The Gateway of 11

“We have come full circle and now numbers are becoming increasingly important and this is why, Lord Enki, have stepped forward to speak to you on behalf of your divine family who are your ancestors.

My children, during the past 5 Earth years since the Venus transit, you have been traveling along a spiral of odds and evens and the divine masculine has been searching for the divine feminine and vice versa. They have been searching for each other to face one another and to stand side by side for the goal has always been for the union of the male and female as this is what will bring total balance and harmony. This is represented in the numbers 2018 as it equals 11 as the male is 1 and the female is 1 in this instance and this also expresses the opening of the gateway of Shamballa.

11 is the number of the universe and it is the number that represents all opposites being magnetized to each other and uniting, forming a divine and loving relationship. When I speak about opposites I am speaking about the opposites within all things and of all things coming together for balance.

This is the year that both light and darkness will perform their ultimate dance and they will try to overpower each other until they will understand that they are both one and the same; both darkness and light come from the same source and both are needed to obtain harmony and both contain within them light and darkness. You may have heard from sources that light gained power over darkness or that darkness gained power over light but this does not imply that there were any victors at all as success is realized when darkness and light unite and join together and work together just as you see in the Yin-Yang symbol.

666 is the same as 999 and when they unite they become 888. This is the target that we have for all of you and that is to become the number 888 because this symbolizes the perfect balance of the opposites within you.

In your times now, left and right is at war with each other but gladly I tell you that the above is not at war with the below; they continue to work together but you must all allow them to work together within you.

For all that I have explained leads you to understand how this year, being a master number that is 11, is the year of great pains and gains as you are transforming and suffering growing pains but from this suffering comes gain and achievement for no growth comes without pain.

You are transforming because the victim and slave mentality many of you hold is now turning and empowering you to rethink your worth as divine beings living on Earth in a material life. Those of you who are aware of how your ancestors are master architects so you too are master architects and you are consciously realizing that you are the masters of your own lives. How you wish your lives to be is dependent upon you which can only be established if you are willing to stop blaming everyone else for why your lives are not working for you. Now understand me; this does not mean rebellion against authority figures; fighting others because you are disappointed with your life only shows you are projecting and blaming others because you do not want to take control of your own lives.

My children, I am telling you all of this because if you wish to be masters then you must stop expecting everything and everyone else to do the hard work for you. Masters work hard and their hard work pays off. You cannot be a master if you refuse to work for your own Earthly happiness and spiritual ascension.

Now I shall move on from this lesson and speak in greater detail about the gateway of Shamballa.

Shamballa is a representation of the ideal reality which is the divine matrix. The divine matrix is the true matrix that used to be existing on Earth and which is the goal for all human beings to be implemented again in Earth reality. These doors are now opening to give an opportunity to all to embrace and if you allow the union of opposites of the universe to penetrate your being and consciously make the effort for the opposites to unite within you then you will receive the knowledge that is coming with the year 2018 and the master number 11. This new knowledge is the knowledge and wisdom of the reality of the world that you live in which provides a different and more esoteric view of it than you have been used to.

As the gateway opens so does an outpouring of total love pass through the gateway and it is time to receive this for with it comes illumination and The Knowing. Each person will be given what they are willing to receive and each person will be given what they are willing to do with what they are given. Think big, do big.

I also want you to see yourself in place of either the divine masculine or the divine feminine. See yourself facing your opposite. When you recognize that you are an opposite then you can better understand the opposite to you and then this union will harmoniously take place. Claiming that you are both opposites within without truly discovering the attributes of each opposite is not going to help you. It is not just about embracing the knowledge that you are both it is about understanding WHY you are both because unless you do this these opposites within you are not united. Ask yourself this; would you make love to someone you do not know? If the answer is no then how can the opposites within you make love if you do not know them and having made the work it takes for them to unite?

Again, stand face to face with your opposite and work together side by side. This enables YOU to become a gateway for the energies of the divine matrix to work through.

All of your past Earth years has shown an increasing unrest within your reality and this is a result of the uniting of opposites who are now facing one another expressed by 11. It is only to be expected when balance begins to truly be expressed by the universe that all Earthly structures built upon unequal qualities and corrupt spiritual teachings will begin to crumble and fall and this is what you are witnessing during your times now.

The universe has its laws and all laws must be abided or else chaos ensues. This is why the false matrix and constructions I spoke about are coming down. Will this be part of your own personal reality? Again, this all depends on you and if you decide to take responsibility for your lives and move from the victim programming to the master.

11, while showing unity it also expresses the polarity of all situations and ‘sides’ and this is not a bad thing as it enables you to follow two paths which all lead to the same place. The only difference is the experiences on each of these two paths. There is no right path and no wrong path just as long as you are ON a path.

The master number 11 is opening gateways from your Crown Chakras to the stars. Allow it also to open gateways within you.

As always, we love you and we are guiding each and every one of you. Make this year count.”



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