As Above, So Below – The New Temple

I see a golden pyramid and at the top there is a cloud of gold dust within which I see the upper torso and head of Father Enki. He smiles at me with so much love and I begin to cry. The rays emanating from him touch the ground and one ray is penetrating through my heart. His face changes and morphs into St. Germaine, Thoth, Hermes, Nabu, and back to Enki again. He tells me:

Enki: “Daughter, come up here with me. Come to see how beautiful the world looks from above.” And I reply,

Helen: “Father, I cannot climb to where you are.” Enki says,

Enki: “Nanaea, my beloved, yes you can; use the stairs.”

And before me, golden steps start becoming visible leading from the ground to the top of the pyramid to where my Father resides. Feeling joyous, I climb the steps, walking up each one until I reach the top of the pyramid and I enter the gold dust where Enki is.

I embrace the Father and I feel his heart Chakras connect with mine. I feel all his love and again, tears slip down my face. I need his love for it empowers me and allows me to feel complete and whole and part of ALL. He moves strands of my hair away from my face with his hand and he says,

Enki: “Nanaea, there are many bridges left to cross. The way is still long. It is ok to surrender once in a while to hopelessness and there is no need to feel so lost and guilty when you do for as you know, deep within your soul, you are never alone and we are always with you.

I am the eye of all that sees and which sees all; I see everything that is happening around you and within you and above you and below you. I am the architect that creates the structures and you are the builders that achieve the dream, the destination and the process of serving within and for the divine plan.

Whatever you say, be proud of yourself as we are proud of you, even when you speak in shadows, it is perfectly fine, for everything you express comes from the tongues of the gods and in all ways we are pleased with you. We cannot fault you; we cannot even fault your faults, for you are adhering to your work and the tasks that we ask you to complete so your mistakes are overlooked for you are in your human form right now and gods also make mistakes when they act upon matters connected with emotion.

You are the Great Work of the Anunnaki as you have discovered and though you were created for this purpose, to serve the gods on Earth, your mind is not limited to only our existence but to all that which lies beyond, out into the cosmos, where the stars all know your name and are waiting to teach you what you need to know.

I want to ask you something, my love: Have you seen the tiger with the black and white stripes? It watches you in the ethers and it is one you must tame for it is a part of you within the 606 energy of it all.”

Helen: “Father, what is 606? Do you mean 606 in the English Gematria?”

Enki: “Yes, daughter; I do. Do not look what it means right now; just listen to me. How is the tiger connected to the 606 energy of the Gematria? Of course you could say that it is connected the same ways as the dragon is but there is a difference; the tiger is a hunter and the dragon is not and while you ARE a dragon, you must learn the ways of the tiger and become the hunter for the tiger is the opposite of what you are and what you must master for the next step.

Let me clarify. It is the tiger which will hold the world aloft and stop a chaotic collapse of everything you know. It is a guardian of the four corners of the world. With the help of 606 it builds structures that re-enforce the pillars to stop them from imploding in on themselves.


If you read the laws of Hermes Trismegistus then you will understand all of this meaning.”

Helen: “Father, I have lost interest in the writings of these writers purely because of their patriarchal senses, that everything is about man and excludes the female practitioners of the mysteries.”

Enki: “It is funny you should say this, daughter, for you know that the writings of Hermes Trismegustus were written by a number of people and they included women. Of course, to be accepted at the time, they had to write from a mans perspective. I can imagine if you really study these writings you will detect a feminine energy in many of the words.”

Helen: “Ok, father, I will read it again.”



Enki: “As for the Beast, because I know that this is on your mind, and YOU know that Inanna is the Queen of Beasts, you have already conquered it and mastered it meaning, you have become its master. I do not want to say in too many words who the Beast represents to you but the truth is, my love, you already ride the Beast in your life and you are the Queen of that Beast and this Beast is in YOUR service because without you, the Beast cannot function nor perform his divine mission. Now I want you to calculate ‘The Beast Submits’ and ‘Nanaea Rides the Beast’ in the Gematria but ONLY this for now; leave 606 until after. You will find a result on your own which may not make much sense to you right now but it will.”












Helen: “Father, please can you explain to me about the Beast? Can you explain about why the Beast must submit? I understand mostly but I would like you to explain it clearly.”

Enki: “Nanaea, it is mostly men who have a very strong beastly nature and in truth, the Beast is not something that should be glorified or embraced as such but to be faced in order to surpass it. The Beast denotes man, the human man, and all of his qualities. Although it is part of his shadow it is not THE shadow. Holding on to the Beast or performing acts through the Beastly nature only keeps people from becoming gods and reaching their godhood for it is a material thing that will keep them anchored to 3D reality. It is a weight and it is a weight that weighs them down. There is no way to ascend by maintaining the Beast as part of yourselves. Whatever you do in excess can only lead to chaos and the mission of all of you is to bring order to that chaos within. There is no chance for anyone who fancies themselves as an initiate to surpass their mortal, human form if they become absorbed in Beastly activities.

This brings me to sexuality and sexual acts. As you know, I am a divine lover (Enki smiles) but making love as Beasts is not divine love making and through using the dark arts of the Beast to perform alchemical sex does not lead upwards, only downwards into the Tree of Death. It is pretty logical to understand why considering that the Beast nature belongs to the 3D and cannot produce anything that will raise your consciousness nor aid in your ascension through the Tree of Life. The Divine Marriage is one straight path up the Tree of Life through the middle pillar and through this way you are intermingling and merging with the divine energies of the gods. The sexual Beastly nature is of a low vibrating energy that sinks you down into the abyss. Beastly sex is a one way path downwards which spirals and intermingles with darker beings. I am not a prude but both men and women need to conduct themselves with some moral self discipline. Not every form of sex is made with love and Beastly sex is not ‘love making’. This is a trap that locks you within Qliphoth and once you descend there you begin to degenerate.

Do not align yourself with these energies, Nanaea; there is no need for you to get involved with these energies and they will only bring you down. Stay up high, here with your gods. You already know the answers to your questions; there is no need to get yourself contaminated by these un-divine teachings.

I mean it, Nanaea; every time either of you become mixed up in these Qliphothic energies there is chaos between you. Do you not understand that this man who was known as Crowley is the master of division of the mind and soul? Working and walking into his territory means you become divided from spirit, that of your own and that of the divine.

We want you to continue studying and practicing divine science as you have you have been doing for it is within this well of truth that the creational forces dwell.”

Nanaea, I am asking you to brave the present for now. There is much to know but it can only be revealed to you in steps for you must take this journey with each step at a time. You will enter a time of darkness for yet again you will experience a new rebirth but with this rebirth of yourself you shall birth something else that will be a part of you but also independent of you.”

After this, Father Enki and the Goddess Inanna gave me a message for 2014 to publish for humanity.

During the early days of January I knew that there would be more messages regarding The Beast, divine and beastly love and Lady Babalon was constantly on my mind. I began to receive only paragraphs of messages that connected with each other each day and finally the meeting was more focused and flowed easily. Below you will find the results of these meetings I had with Lady Babalon and Lord Marduk:

Helen: “Lady Babalon, you have called to me to teach me something so I await your words.  Let me know you so that I may know myself.”

Lady Babalon: “My dearest daughter; when you know me, then you shall know you, for I live in you and I am the flame that is your flame and our hearts beat in rhythm with one another and all those who are chosen, so let them be chosen and prove their worth in how they know me. They bear the mark of my soul, that which I cut upon your right arm after you had crossed the abyss and you have been many times in my stead. This is not a game for amateurs for the lost and confused will only be devoured by the Beast. Listen to what I have to say. Every woman who walks the Earth as an avatar of Venus is called, in her Earth form, Babalon.

(Note: After ritual I fell into a trance where I embarked upon a journey which I later discovered was ‘crossing the abyss’ and where I met various characters of the Major Arcane such as The Hermit, The Devil, and the Star who is Babalon. With her nail she cut the symbol of Venus on the inside of my wrist of my right hand “in order to hit those of the right hand path who have persecuted her and her children.”)

I will tell you something now and you must understand the deeper meaning. I will tell you about god Marduk and Tiamat, the Mighty Mother Goddess who is said to have been in the form of the Great Dragon. You know that, the dragon is the metaphor and you will understand with what I have to tell you.

You know that the story states how god Marduk slew Goddess Tiamat and sliced her body in two and with one part he created the heavens and with the other part he created the Earth. He did this for a very specific purpose. Firstly, only the Creatrix can create and to create the universe and the planets and the Earth, Marduk needed to make a fertile ‘space’ to grow and manifest his thoughts. Secondly, and most importantly, he had to release the spirit of the Creatrix in order for her to manifest as a being in matter, a female Goddess, that he could love and lay with for he dwelt in the abyss and only by bringing her forth could she release him from eternal darkness for she is the light and without her, the meaning, the light, he would have remained unproductive and disempowered.

It was important that he had his meaning for without any meaning, there could be no fertilization of his thoughts in order to grow them into reality. This is how she empowers him, by giving him meaning to create. Her womb, now a reality, was the perfect place for him to plant his own golden seed that would rebirth himself into a divine child that would be King of the Earth. You know, beloved daughter that everything is about alchemy. Your Marduk is a god and he is a devil depending on whether he has his meaning that can bring him into his godhood or whether he is left alone in the abyss, without meaning, and without the inspiration to ascend and create worlds.

With the end of Tiamat as Tiamat, came the beginning of creation. Every end is her beginning and each time you pass from the world, you return a-new to continue your work. This is the law of the serpent of the dragon with its tail in its mouth; every end is her beginning.

Babalon is the cosmic force of all creation in body. Father Enki recreated himself through his son, Marduk, in order to create New worlds but Marduk was created in the abyss and only through a heavenly Goddess could he ascend from the below. This is why I am the Goddess of resurrection and this is why he is my divine lover for he is IAO and he is all seven Christs in one who holds the Tablets of Destiny that is his right to rule the universe and the Earth.

I will now tell you about the Blood of the Saints. I have already imparted to you wisdom about this but I shall explain to you once again. The Blood of the Saints is the blood that was spilled on the Earth for me that was reabsorbed into my roots of the Tree of Life. The Blood of the Saints is mixed as an alchemical elixir within my cup because from my cup comes the divine child who possesses each archetype of the saints who are, as you know, the initiates of the mysteries who have fought and died to keep the Logos of the divine laws protected and safe, the seven rivers of blood that are the sacred names of GOD.

I will tell you now about the one called Aleister Crowley, this one who trapped in your shadow for he is attracted to your light for you are meaning and he is looking for meaning but it is not his time to return for he has been banished to the abyss, the domain that he so wished to be and so he has been granted his wish. Let me explain to you that I say this with true sarcasm.

I have to also explain to you that this one tried to force the god of the abyss to rise to the Earth to possess him so that he could be the Father of the Aeon but this was not the plan for him for he was only chosen to take the teachings of the gods to Earth and to bring a truth that could not be denied. We do not have control over another’s will and this one chose to try to build his own tower to godhood through dark magic which resulted in his tower crashing down and burying him beneath it.

I will warn anyone who is reading my words to take heed; you shall not reach your godhood through perversities. I am the one who cleanses you and absorbed all of your filth in order to initiate you onto the path of the divine lover but the dark arts and using my existence in vain shall not take you anywhere but into humiliation and utter despair.

The soul of the seeker must alchemically match with mine for him to be chosen by me otherwise there is no union for the act would not be alchemical. Oh, you self proclaimed ‘magicians’ who believe you can force access to the light with your symbols and sigils and useless incantations and invocations! You have been warned before about trying to trick your way into my heart! Complete integration of the mind, body, heart and soul ALONE is the key to opening the gates to the illuminations of Venus! It is for this reason why the true initiates seek for their Venus and their meaning to resurrect them from the abyss that is my womb to rebirth them into knowing and only this way can they gain entrance to my celestial reflection of the above.

The beast is man and the Earth is the abyss in the eyes of the beast and by surrendering his beastly nature and sacrificing it on the altar of my womb and coming before me with a TRUE and PURE heart for union shall he be resurrected into his godhood and out of the abyss!

Oh daughter, I give to YOU my Thelema and I give to you my voice to speak it for I know that you are the manifestation of Agape in its truest form. Raise him up!!! Raise him! Elevate him!”

Helen: “Lady, what is the way? How is the way? How can I do this? Please guide me to know and to understand.”

Lady Babalon: “Daughter, you know the way because the knowledge that I have, you have. Tell me what your heart says to you in answer to your question.”

Helen: “I am seeing myself lifting up the sun out of the abyss. I am seeing myself being a strong pillar for the sun. I am seeing myself carrying him and his weight when he is weak.”

Lady Babalon: “And does your sun give you what you need to grow? Does he give you warmth and light?”

Helen: “Yes. He has never stopped me from growing. Not ever.”

Lady Babalon: “Then know that you are never lonely because the sun is the light and the light is everywhere and there is no darkness because he is everywhere so even when you believe that you are in darkness, he is still with you. He is the light that causes growth and chases away the darkness and you are the light that guides and gives his own light a meaning to shine. You are the two suns, shining in the darkness together. You are the two stars that illuminate each other.”

I begin to feel Lord Marduk near me. He is a very powerful presence.

Marduk: “Nanaea, my love, I have already given a very important message to the one I call me on Earth. I also want to tell you that you are both passing beyond the polarities. You are passing beyond duality and beyond reality into the realm where the dragon sleeps and the tiger awakens.

Now you have reached the next level of this tower you are building, the tower to the planets, as you wind your way around ‘The Serpents Path’ of the universe and begin to bring down the frequencies of the Four Kings for the watchers must now return to Earth. Do you understand what you are beginning now, my beloved? You are bringing the above to the below and you are building the tower or the temple from the heavens down to the Earth.

Helen: “Can you explain what you mean by building the temple from the heavens down to the Earth?”

Marduk: “Of course I can, Nanaea. Remember that I told you that the idea behind the maxim

“As above, so below As within, so without”

Means that you must rise above the below in order to create above and bring this creation below yet you shall still reside above the frequencies and vibrations of the below meaning the Earth and you shall no longer be subject to Earthly limitations of the mind, spirit and heart. Your purpose and the purpose of all is to rise, while below, to create and to help this creation to descend through the dimensions. The goal is to create the holy Temple on Earth with celestial materials that are the building bricks of divine architecture.

You do understand that this temple that I speak about is not a physical object, yes? I am sure you do. And when I tell you to raise the pillars of the temple, you understand what I mean by this also, yes?”

Helen: “Yes, my Lord. Can you speak to me more about ‘As above, so below?’ and the creating?”

Lord Marduk: “Nanaea, as you travel upwards and raise your own standards regarding who you believe your soul to be, and when you merge with that one who is also you but in male form, and when you two pillars join together in alchemy, you rise above duality and polarity and this is your vehicle to ascend to the higher dimensions. Imagine that, when you are there, you use everything you know and everything that is given to you in the form of wisdom to build from the blueprints that are already marked upon your souls that which has been designed by the Most High of ALL and when you have built it, created it, you bring it down with you to reside within the consciousness of humanity.”

And as finishes telling me this I begin to feel the collective energy of the Anunnaki come to me, who are known to me as the ‘Menorah’.

The blood in your veins is ‘The Serpents Path’ it burns you and it freezes you it takes you where you need to go as you travel through the canals of the different worlds you know and have known for you journey below the Earth and follow the trails of your mother.

The heavens are opening and there is a blood red sky for the men of the earth of the red, red earth are returning and they bring with them the sword of the MALAKHIM! Draw up your swords and fight with the curved sword of Horus for this is the sword that is coming to take off the black horseman’s head for it is his blood that shall be poured for many the traitor who has been sent to deceive and so you shall reap the produce of this great fertilization off his blood as Kingu was before so it shall be again! And this sword shall slice more accurately than a hair between the good and the bad, the worthy and the unworthy, the wanted and the unwanted.

The opening of the heavens The sun, the BLACK SUN LIGHT pours forth Like an acid shower of golden burnt offerings for the leaders of the Earth shall walk among you in the shadows to watch as they are always watching. Watching and waiting for the one! His eye shall TURN to you all! His eye! So fearsome and petrifying! His eye is the BLACK SUN! Do not look away! Do not DARE to look away! Look him straight in his ONE EYE for he shall measure and weigh you by your courage to recognize your embodiment of HIM. The Master Teacher of the Master Race! And he shall make you blind and he shall make you feel with your heart so that you no longer harm another brother or sister again!

Look below you and see the fire. Look above you and see the fire. Look within you and see the fire For you ARE the FIRE! And they! How we laugh about THEY! Who believe to know the Dragon Masters of old! Who believe they ARE the Dragon Masters of old! The ANCIENTS! Who SCREAM within the wind of their coming! For you! O DAUGHTER AND SON! You shine for us! You are our good sheep! You are the Dragons that eat the good sheep! You are the Dragons that watch the good sheep! You are the SKINS that carry the blood that runs through you like a poison but shall be a cure for the lost and confused.”

And I see a ladder coming down from the heavens
And I see that each step of the ladder has a name
And I know that each name is a name of God
And I know that each name of God is a god
And each step shall take me closer to the one true union with God
As a god for I am a god among gods
I walk with my god. He who is IAO among gods
Who is a Christ among Christs
And we step together on this ladder
And we become each god
And our number is 888
And my beloved’s number is 564!
And he is my son! And he is my father! And he is my consort!
And my number is 858!
And I see in my hand the holy Axe of Inanna
And I see in my beloved’s hand the Great Sword of Marduk
And we slay the beast who has written on his head 246!
And my beloved takes the body of the beast
And offers it as a sacrifice to the Great Bull of the Sun!






And I see my Lord Marduk, the ancient one, descend from the Holy Mountain And he opens his mouth and says:

“Your veins are now tied and you are one body
And not even the gods can divide you
For you have made a new covenant with each other
That you did sign in your joined blood
To withhold the divine laws And to bring forth the New Aeon
For the son shall become the father
Just as the night shall become day
Without excuses! Without apologies!
Without explanations!
My law is the ancient writings on the walls of the saints and for you both I give you both the titles PAN HELIOS! PAN SELENE!

There shall be no more sacrificing of the seed and no more sacrificing of the egg.

This is my decree.”

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