Scientists Discover the Secret Heartbeat of Trees

The heartbeat of a tree: Scientists discover plants pulsate throughout the night (but it’s far too slow to see with the naked eye)

  • Researchers investigated the overnight movement of 21 species of trees 
  • The used high-precision 3D surveying technique called terrestrial laser scanning
  • This revealed the trees all displayed minute, periodic pulses during the night
  • The discovery suggests the trees are actively pumping water, researchers say

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Energy Shifts Are Taking Place All The Time

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.” -The Kybalion

Energy shifts are taking place at every moment of every day, with or without human awareness or cooperation. While some energy shifts are more pronounced and dominant than others, all are equally as important as each other and every one of them is part of the flow of universal energy and universal laws. So in other words, they never stop happening and occur as part of the divine plan and the nature of the universe. Continue reading “Energy Shifts Are Taking Place All The Time”

🌟Christmas Distance Healing Package🌟

Merry Christmas! It is the season for joy, laughter and giving and I would like to give back to you by offering a package with 3 different sessions coming from 3 different healing systems at a special, reduced price. Whether you decide to order this package for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life it is undeniable that there is nothing better than beginning the New Year with the empowerment and comfort that these healings bring. Below you can see what is included in this package:
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