Earth has been hit by an ‘unusual, intense blast of energy’ from a nearby galaxy

Earth has been hit by an intense, unusual blast of light that could change our understanding of the universe, scientists have said.

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Energy Shifts Are Taking Place All The Time

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.” -The Kybalion

Energy shifts are taking place at every moment of every day, with or without human awareness or cooperation. While some energy shifts are more pronounced and dominant than others, all are equally as important as each other and every one of them is part of the flow of universal energy and universal laws. So in other words, they never stop happening and occur as part of the divine plan and the nature of the universe. Continue reading “Energy Shifts Are Taking Place All The Time”


Message from the Arcturian Council of Elders

Throughout the morning I had felt an energy very close to that of Lord Zeniel Melchizedek close to me but as I was called into holding council, I discovered a very different looking being had attended who was very tall and who had snow white hair and beard, crystal blue eyes and he was wearing lilac robes. He asked me to channel his message which you can find below:

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Divine Beauty – Channeling from Archangel Jophiel

When you believe and when you have confidence that YOU are connected to infinite wisdom, then your higher self over takes all egotistical thoughts and your channels energy of knowledge which flow, becoming wider, cleaner, clearer and more precise.

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