The Coming of the Visible Third Eye

Marduk: This is wondrous, isn’t it, the way all this is going?

Helen: What do you mean?

Marduk: The way the moon is rising above the sun. It is obvious that it is nearly time. Not many eclipses now involving the sun and the moon. The eagle is flying south, the serpent is walking east. Each are taking their places within the four quarters of the Earth.

Helen: Lord Marduk, please do not talk in riddles; just be straight with what you want to say.

Marduk: Sirius is rising, so is the Pleiades and Andromeda. Currently they are working together on a plan on how best to dismantle the matrix further from their side in order for you to know how to dismantle it from your side. We are all providing you with the materials you need to plug into the matrix and feed it our viruses.

All of a sudden I see Buddha.

Buddha: There is no going back along the path you have rediscovered which was created for you by your ancestors. You have begun something that cannot be undone. This is a one way road for you both and you will face many archetypes of yourself that you will have to attend to. This road is not a road of glory nor is it a road many can walk or would want to walk. The compassion you show each other will show in your work and the lessons you learn from this will enable you to bring greater abundance to you.

I am just an archetype of Christ and I am an essence that you will also have to deal with, within yourselves and without. Approach others with more sympathy and empathy and do not be so adamant to be right for they are also messengers who have been put on Earth and there must be no animosity between you. You see, everyone you meet is your brother and sister, even if they oppose your words, even if they do not agree, even if they attack you. This is not a battle of who is right or wrong but a lesson in expressing yourself as the world needs to see you and in opening ears wide to the frequencies you wish to send. Add some love into your words. It does not take much effort.

I thank Buddha and see Marduk again.

Marduk: Men of life will stand up as the true power of the gods and they shall drink from this fire and they shall receive the baptism of the new covenant that is within your reality right now but shall be more advanced in its presence within your consciousness. Men of life will count their blessings and their intelligence in following the gods for when they turn away from the liars of us they shall also have their mark replaced, for it is the mark that shall guide us to you, the mark that is the VISIBLE THIRD EYE! For we shall know that you truly see us and we shall know that you have defied their lies and followed the call that we have sent to you along the frequencies of the language of the gods, as we call our people, our children, close to us to carry the stigma of the Aquarian god of ages who is the creator of your new world.

You constantly are asking what Nibiru is. Is it another planet? Well what do you think it is? How many times have we told you? I will make it simpler for you but really, this is the last time.

The sun watches over all worlds, all dimensions. There are 12 gods, 12 signs of the zodiac, each an archetype, each a reality, each a world. Nibiru is one of those worlds. Nibiru is the twin flame of Earth. Each archetype manifests its reality on Earth when it is needed. It is not a planet but is called a “world” due to being a different reality to Earth. Now do you finally understand? Nibiru is the dimension or world where the gods reside. Each archetype is a projection of the planet which governs it. Jupiter rules Sagittarius who is the archer who you have seen me many times with the bow and arrow in my hands.


Art from Avangarde Hardtrance cover


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