The Path of Destiny: Babalon Speaks

Babalon: “There comes a time, a time of change, when each must complete their destiny. And on this path of winding roads there is a cave that leads man to his mind. Within that cave exists all of his illusions and it is the cave that remains after the completion of the labyrinth.

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Pandora’s Box Opened

I have a message to tell the world for all those who persecute me. I have a message to tell the world to all those who turn their back on me. I have a message to the world to all those who hurt others because of their love for me. And after I have a message to those who love me; not only as Inanna but as GODDESS!

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Sophia Rising

Note to all readers: Please know that Sophia uses many words which are metaphors for others things pertaining to occult symbolism. You must understand that this is the RAW energy of Sophia, otherwise known as the Shekinah, the pure and almighty sacred feminine manifestation of the Creator. She speaks in a language that many will find hard to decipher.

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