For the Beauty of Helen-Divine World Order

Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world represented all that was beautiful. Beauty represents World Order and the taking of Helen was an attack not only on World Order but Divine World Order as she was given to the world by the gods, a manifestation and avatar in the material of me, the Goddess Aphrodite. Continue reading “For the Beauty of Helen-Divine World Order”


The Law of Eros

“Love is stronger than Death,” says the Song of Songs. “It is more insurmountable than Hell. Love is the Eternal Fire, and there is no Deluge which can extinguish this.” – Eliphas Levi

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Divine Beauty – Channeling from Archangel Jophiel

When you believe and when you have confidence that YOU are connected to infinite wisdom, then your higher self over takes all egotistical thoughts and your channels energy of knowledge which flow, becoming wider, cleaner, clearer and more precise.

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