Follow the Light – A Message from Venus

When you are alone and lonely, there is Agape. When you feel that there is no road before you, there is Agape. There is Agape and there is hope and these go hand in hand. It is truth when I say that you are loved beyond your imagination about yourself; all those icons you hold within your mind regarding how you believe yourself to be is an illusion if you do not envision yourself within the arms of the divine. You ARE a holy icon, each and every one of you; you are a LIVING icon that is a shimmering stamp on the consciousness of the universe which acknowledges your existence both as a spirit with and without form. Every hair on your head is a miracle; every smile, every look, every breath you take is a gift. Cherish all of the good moments you have ever experienced and embrace the bad for each comes with a valuable lesson that will help you to grow as soul covered in the veil of the gods. Everything within you is a heart beat and within that heart beat rings the rhythm of the universe for each tone you vibrate is in alignment with the one true love of the divine.

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Channeling from Pythagoras: The Christed Master

A Lesson in ΑΓΑΠΗ – AGAPE

During our meeting with the Lyrans we also had the honour of meeting and channeling Pythagoras who is, in case there are some of you that do not know, is an ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, and the founder of the religious movement called ‘Pythagoreanism.’ You can learn more about him HERE

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